1. Marco Arruda says


  2. Enivaldo Gonçalves says

    alguém fala em português

  3. Juan Cristobal García carrera says

    WOW if you know how to play

  4. Natili Pereira says

    kkkkkkkkkkkkkkk kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkķoooooooooookkoolokokpkokokokokoko

  5. Rodrigo Guerreros says

    A nadie le gustan estos juego de mala calidad

  6. Mariangel abreu villegas says

    Bien bueno este juego e

  7. Naomi Pulido says

    No se a trampa

  8. jett taylor says

    And what’s with the epic music

  9. jett taylor says

    What in the happy Halloween shit is going on here I did not want to see this in my recommendations like what even is this is the teacher fucking blind

  10. alister with gun says

    Wecome to why is yhis in my recommended episode 5 pt2

  11. Giuliana Sofia Leyes says


  12. Giuliana Sofia Leyes says

    Cariño nunca te quiero mucho pero horrible Se te quedó fea horrible video Yo quiero una cámara

  13. Christian Eitner says


  14. Chrissy Overmohle says

    this is pure dumb crap

  15. LaMadeUwU says


  16. Carmen Hopkins says


  17. Enrico Fermi Weman Reniban says

    kaka gem nya namanya apa

  18. Michael Hoeck says


  19. Sameeha Suri says

    Wtf is this

  20. Creative ;Prep says

    drink ice coffee
    P A N I K A T T A K

  21. ladiosa isis says

    Y eso tambien pasa en la vida real XD jajajajaj

  22. It’s Picklz says

    Lmao Ik it’s a game but why would they make it so that he’s standing up and going to peoples desk to cheat, wouldn’t you just glance at other people’s pages while sitting in your chair not moving lol

  23. Gacha Vampire says

    Very interesting



  25. Samantha Amarathunga says

    Eye 👁 vision

  26. Claudia Fericean says

    what is name game

  27. The worst Gacha Channel says


  28. Maxwest usuario says

    Porque el profesor tiene una linterna

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