CHICKEN & RICE | easy & healthy one-pan recipe


Chicken and rice is an easy, healthy, one pan recipe that shines with bright Mediterranean flavors. Juicy chicken thighs are soaked in a citrusy, lemon dijon marinade then baked with fluffy rice.

One pan dinners are they the best. They make dinner a breeze, yet they’re satisfying enough to eat as leftovers. Though count yourself lucky if you happen to have any leftovers of this delicious meal.

This Mediterranean one pan chicken and rice is the perfect cozy family meal that I’m confident you’ll make again and again. Enjoy!

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00:00 Intro
00:38 Make the marinade
01:22 Marinate the chicken
01:42 Slice vegetables
02:55 Preheat oven
02:59 Add chicken thighs to pan
03:25 Flip chicken in pan
03:46 Remove chicken from pan
04:03 Blot excess oil from pan
04:22 Add onion, vegetables, rice and broth to pan
05:12 Add chicken back to pan
05:22 Transfer pan to oven
05:53 Fluff rice and serve
06:33 Taste test

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Linen Apron:

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  1. Downshiftology says

    I'm back! I took a mini week-long break to visit my mom and if felt so good. 🙂 This recipe is unbelievably tasty, I'm confident the whole family will gobble it up. And if you're one person, you can make it too! Just meal prep the leftovers and freeze, that's what I did. 🙂 xo – Lisa

  2. Robert Zorn says

    Terrific. You rock!

  3. Kyle Gentry says

    I made this was so delicious thank you

  4. Cook And Inspire says

    This recipe is a must try for me look so flavourful yummy and inspire 🇯🇲🇯🇲

  5. gilq 16 says

    I just discovered your channel and I love it! Keep up the great videos!

  6. Sarah Hoffman says

    You are amazing! It's been so fun cooking along with you. You have great recipes that I get excited to try and you seem like such a lovely human <3 Thank you for the wonderful ideas. Quarantine hasn't been so bad experimenting with these new dishes 🙂

  7. Thomas Buxton says

    What an incredibly beautiful woman. Stunning and so articulate. Whoever marries this lady is one hell of a lucky guy. I am so jealous

  8. Donna says

    What does the chicken get baked on? Didn’t see the oven temperature?

  9. Erin Yan says

    You are amazing!!! Thank you very much!!!

  10. Kyle Gentry says

    I'm going to try this. looks yummy thx 😉

  11. Amanda Neve says

    What kind of rice ?

  12. Kai Holz says

    MEDIUM sized onion????!!!! xD

  13. Humanitas Universidad says

    Amazing recipe. Definitly i have to do it. ❤️

  14. Senna Elena says

    Can you make this meal vegan? What would you use?

  15. David Souza says

    This is a fantastic channel. I'm really appreciative of Lisa's efforts. I'm hoping Lisa feels she is contributing such helpful content. She is so easy to adore. : )

  16. emily nattaya says

    when I say this is the most delicious one pot chicken and rice recipe… this is so amazing, I made this last night and my housemates were on it they were drooling and wanting a pieces. It’s so amazing

  17. Sherree Rentola says

    I don't care for dark meat chicken, I wonder if you could make it with chicken breast instead? I am sure that you would need to cook it a bit longer as the breasts are larger. I wonder how much of the flavor would be lost if you used boneless, skinless chicken breasts rather than the bone in variety?

  18. Wonder Woman says

    Found this recipe so calming to watch. You make it look so easy!

  19. Sharon Lanteri says

    Hi Lisa
    This looks amazing, I'm definately giving it a try. Just wondering if your chicken thighs are with or without the bone in?

  20. Mr Huff'n'Puff says

    Am I the only one that noticed the size of that onion!!

  21. Lisa King says

    I thought you had a family

  22. Effie 5 says

    This is definitely a 'must make'. Just need to go to the grocery store first! 😉

  23. Heer Syal says

    4:56 YUM! That one image of onions & spinach looks wonderful to me!
    Thank you for sharing this fab recipe; let's get the whole family preparing this!

  24. Victoriah Nyambura njogu says

    Cant wait to try this out
    Thanks hun for the recipe

  25. Bob DeLorenzo says

    Subscribed I'm an adventurous eater and will try anything, but chicken and rice has to be my all time favorite. It does so much more than nourish the body, it feeds the soul! (Maybe it's a southern thang…). 3 things caught my attention. You aren't afraid of the heat and you got some color on the chicken, you used thighs (yes ma'am!) and you made it lemmon forward. Chicken pairs well with so many things but chicken + lemmon goes together like Fred and Ginger (I'm not that old, just have cable TV.) Made this last night and it was delish! Thank you for sharing. Peace Love and Bobby Sherman. (there, that's how old I am! :D)

  26. ᏒᏋᎴ ᏝᎥᎶᏂᏖ says

    Beautiful just beautiful 😭😭😭❤️

  27. deeba Fathima says

    I tried this recipe it cane out so was delicious yummilicious….I m happy
    I want to make it again for 3 cups of rice….how long should I keep it in oven…how much time it would take?

  28. K Whiteley says

    This was really delicious. I used chicken breasts cut in half since I didn't have thighs and I added in cut up asparagus. It is so delicious and an easy weeknight meal. Thanks!!

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