Chloe Kim Net Worth, Income, House, Car, Pet, Hobbies, Family and Lifestyle


Chloe Kim Net Worth, Income, House, Car, Pet, Hobbies, Family and Lifestyle

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  1. Kennth R King says

    Youtube channel: At an convenience store Toby (boyfriend) asked Chloe if she wanted an Red Bull, Chloe said "What`s that…never heard of it".

  2. David Mu says

    Wow 400k for winning the Olympics and endorsement deals isn’t that much compared to Bieber, or David Beckham, Neymar Jr. around her age. But she is a great role-model 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼🙂🙂🙂🙂

  3. Fishing with Alex Saeteurn says

    Love it! Way to gooooo

  4. First Last says

    Dayum gurll

  5. Working Stiff says

    Nice to have two very involved parents and natural ability in the sport. Make that money now to set youself up for life worry about college later if at all.

  6. Myrna De Perio LaFauci says

    She is a good role model for all our youth and for our athletes! she is proud to be an American, respects her country, disciplined and dedicated to her sport, solids stable family background, inspiring her to do her very best! congratulations Chloe KIm!

  7. homyoung says

    검은 머리 캐다다인인 타블로나 검은 머리 미국인인 클로이 킴이나 똑같다. 우승은 축하하나 인성은 싸가지다.

  8. Global Traveler says

    lol bs when did they start selling the fortunner in america?

  9. Cameron Kim says


  10. Angie Jeon says

    훌륭한 아빠 의 훌륭한 딸

  11. ihtfp004 says

    Where can I get me a Toyota Fortuner?

  12. Jason Kim says

    She was born in Long Beach !!! She lives in Torrance now!!

  13. Joseph Garcia says

    Do they really sell toyota fortuner here in America?

  14. Alla Bord says

    She is pure GOLD through and through!

  15. 너나가라쓰시마 says

    클로이가 한국에서 성장했다면? 글쎄 성적으로 아이들 줄세우고 평가하는 한국에서…….어느 보습학원에서 영어문제 수학문제 푸는 요령이나 열나게 배우고 있겠지…..클로이는 행운아다…..그런 아버님 만나고 그런 자유스런 나라에서 태어나고 거기에 개인적 소질까지 더해졌으니…….you r so lucky girl…..

  16. 너나가라쓰시마 says

    그녀는 미국인이다…..나도 완도에서 태어났지만 일년도 안되서 서울 올라와서 계속 서울에서만 살았다……대학생때 완도 처음 가봤는데 고향느낌 제로였다…..오히려 어린 시절을 보낸 서울의 어느동이 나에겐 고향같은 포근함과 친근함을 느낀다……..클로이는 생긴거만 아시안이고 뼈속까지 미국인이다……국내 언론에서 호들갑꺼는거 웃기지도 않는다…..부친이 영한사전에 800불 들고 미국 가셨다는데 고생 많이 하셨겠다….근데 한국이 아니라 왜 그 고생스런 타향살이를 선택했을까…연배를 보아하니 5공시절인듯하다….알만하고 미루어짐작이된다….그리고 클로이가 한국에서 자랐다면 성적에 매여서 학원이나 뺑뺑이 돌았겠지…..얜 그냥 미국인이 메달딴거다….호들갑떨지마라 언론들….

  17. DeJ Bi says

    She's going to be making at least 10 mil a year now.

  18. Steve Middaugh says

    She's getting ready to get PAID!!!

  19. Ab the Guy says

    nice video man keep it up upload regularly

  20. Brendan Fortunato says

    Lol she is three days younger than me

  21. Kim Anh Tran says

    Bravo young lady Korean I am so proud of you young lady and you did put your hand to your heart for American National Anthem. Where damn Kaepernick Colin? Can you see the Korean young lady, I m proud of her holding American flag, shame on you idiots  Kaepernick Colon cancer you hate American flag just get out of USA!

  22. Vedant Kwatra says


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