Computer animation from 1979


I made this animation with 16mm Bolex camera in single shot mode, and monochrome monitor. Graphic unit was my DIY project, made of 2114 RAMs (1Kx4bits, total of 90 chips), Z80A microprocessor and about 40 TTL chips. Resolution was 300×400 (3-bit pixel), and I wrote the software in TRS80 L2 BASIC. There was the solenoid and interface which automated the whole process (1.erase – 2.render – 3.shoot the single frame – go to 1). It took about 24 hours to record this.

  1. Watcher3223 says

    Only a precise hit will set off a chain reaction…

  2. Gestalt State says

    Oh man, this is the sort of stuff I absolutely treasure when I can find it on YouTube. Thank you for sharing your work and your contribution to the larger world of early computer animation.

  3. LR2 Y.H says


  4. Peacock486 says

    Obviously by 1979 this was very primitive (given that they were doing this in the 1960s) but that you did this yourself in a time almost nobody had a computer, let alone could build one and understand all the stuff you need to do to make this is just crazy.

  5. techeadache says

    Completely inspiring, I have to implement this in real-time. It is the definitive solution for every single horizontal scrolling corridor shoot-em-up. An easy way to see enemy objects approaching from the ends of the screen without memorizing patterns.

    Are the lines anti-aliased or is it just the phosphor glow of the display?

  6. Spoder Man says

    And I bet they started in 1969

  7. vulneradociervo says

    Voja, I just read an article about you in ""

    Your story is amazing and I admire you so much.
    History is made by powerful and beautiful people like you.

  8. Jonathan Herr says

    Any documentation on the actual hardware that drove this project?  Circuit diagrams and all that?

  9. Way cool. Admirable! Thanks for sharing.

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