Corey Gamble Calls Kendall Jenner RUDE After Kylie Fight


The aftermath of Kendall and Kylie Jenner’s fight on ‘Keeping Up With the Kardashians’ keeps getting messier as Corey Gamble, Kris’ boyfriend, seemingly picks sides. ‘KUWTK’ airs Thursday nights on E!

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  1. YouNi Q says

    Team kendall

  2. Hey Man says

    They're disgraceful as it is as a family. This just makes it entertain g to watch.. poor cory

  3. Mariaha Suttles says

    But Kendall is rude!

  4. Julie Fleming says

    Omg the drama, there sisters, sisters fight,get over it 😴😴😴😴😴😴

  5. Rikki-Lee Traynor says

    Kendall always trippin

  6. Louis Caruso says

    Corey isn't having any of these two snatches…

  7. Janet Lord says

    Corey Gamble is a jerk. He needs to grow the fuc$ up. I can’t believe Kris Jenna is with a child.

  8. Amy Mills says

    This could have all been avoided if they would have just take her home and not left her at a gas station.

  9. Noama Auvale says

    Corey Campbell go the hell just leave them alone they are not your kids 😡😡

  10. Bowblues says

    Kendall is awful!!! Saw her once at Disneyland a few years ago. She was with Gigi and Hailey oh dear the three of them were so awful! Gigi not too much but the other two omg so rude, conceited and acted so entitled. They literally pushed themselves to the front of the line for the rides and when people called them out they had the face to laugh and say “do you know who we are”??

  11. Bernice White says

    It all was stage even this guy cuz he's not nothing but a boy toy he has no opinion it was all stage for the next season you know they always have something new to draw you into the next season but I'm not it doesn't draw me in

  12. Julie Bela Wamona says

    Kendall and Kourtney are the same… always playing the victims

  13. Krystal Blackwell says

    Kris said nothing because she doesn’t want to be in the middle of it at all not because she agrees with Corey or the girls she doesn’t want to deal with this bs

  14. Kuhle Gwamanda says

    Kendall is just whinny idk

  15. Jennifer Santillana says

    Kendall is a cool person.

  16. Aya-B Baby says

    Kendall is rude n entitled i cnt stand her. Kris needs to call her out

  17. genie121 says

    You know what, this issue was building up over time. It’s not about Corey, the girls haven had things building up inside for a while now. Kylie is a mother, her time is spent with baby and business and I don’t think she gets the opportunity to get out much so when she does she is busy drinking cups of 42. Kendall is desperate for her sister’s affection. Kendall lives alone and yearns for that sisterly time which Kylie doesn’t get or see.
    Kendall started acting up because she felt underdressed for their evening out! And as a sister I think Kylie should have made more of an effort to dress Kendall up instead of not giving a shit. Corey should just stay out of it.

  18. TL Nab says

    Poor Cory just wants to help. But sometimes its best to let those two sisters solve their own issues.

  19. AnimeTopProductions says

    Thats why Kendall didn’t want to go with them she knew something bad was going to happen

  20. canadian baconn says

    it seems like Kendall always has a chip on her shoulder or is grumpy

  21. qu sister says

    But who corey thinks he is. Scumbag bully. Gold digging on kris

  22. my girl x says

    If I was kris I'd leave him now before she gets hurt yet shes speechless madness x

  23. Raquel Rodriguez says

    I am going to keep it real. I think Kendall is one of those snobby white chicks, on the other hand, I see Kylie as having been around different types of people more. Thus making her more well-rounded. I thought Kylie was in the wrong, ehhh now I do have to say Kendall simply seems annoying.

  24. my girl x says

    Cory is just in love with kylie cory is nasty kylie is mean

  25. Elizabeth Pearl says

    I think it all started from the moment Scott and Mason left dinner. Kendall made a comment that she wished she knew they were flying back bc she would’ve flown back with them. Corey then made a comment letting Kendall know she could ride with them. I think Kendall thought he was offering to take her home. When everyone went to the drag show she stayed in Kylie’s car bc she was tired and planned to leave with Kylie. Everyone got back and that’s when the miscommunication started. Kylie didn’t agree to take her home and Kendall was upset bc now it was an issue. Corey is too grown to be getting in between sister arguments. Even before dinner he made a comment to Kylie saying, “Ain’t no one going to kill our vibe.” Then when they fought they left her at a gas station. Wtf! I would be pissed too. Something could’ve happened to her. That’s just wrong. I’m not saying the fight was justified, but alcohol always makes things worse. Kendall was the only sober one. Idk.. she’s getting a lot of hate, but I think it all could’ve been handled differently.

  26. Nazwa Qurrata says


  27. Ekta Patil says

    I think kendall is always left out and kylie has always been the favourite she has always been the brat its kendall that was not rude here . because kylie pays for half of the stuff they have to take her side remember !

  28. sara tass says

    Kendall and her insecurities over kylie….

  29. Anna says

    Corey is wrong 100% here. Kendall doesn't play the victim, it's totally understandable why she's mad and offended.

  30. Leonie van Metzinger says

    grow up bratt Kendall

  31. running inheels says

    I don’t think Kris know what Corey had said to Kendall being ‘rude’ until watching the episode. The issue is between Kylie n Kendall. Don’t bring everyone else into the fight n playing blame. It’s just unfortunate that Corey was there. He did offered if Kendall wants another car to be driven home. You don’t like to be called ‘f*ck you’ to your face but you acting bitter all night n for years..?! I’m guessing is okaaaay..??

  32. Diaries of a grieving mother says

    There’s bigger issues that doesn’t even involve Corey and an outfit…. sisters 👯‍♀️

  33. Aarush Kumar says

    Mind your own business.

    And wtf is wrong with Kris. SAY SOMETHING AND CHECK YOUR MAN.

  34. 143bostoncreme says

    Kendall needed to be put in her place. I’m glad Corey brought it up to her. Kylie was drunk at that time and I’m sure she wouldn’t put her heel on her sisters neck if she was sober. Kendall just wants to be a martyr and blame other people. She always has this dark cloud around her and wants a reason to be upset towards someone

  35. MRS BNJ says

    Team kendall

  36. callyod says

    Kris is an idiot, when it comes to your kids, you are involved, she's choosing a man over her own child!

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