COVID-19 but it’s Dead By Daylight | Dead By Daylight


Welcome to the video, if you have watched this you should now know I can get very hyper, if any of my friends are watching, you also know. If you peeps would like me to play a killer of yer’ choice, let me know in the comments below and if you liked the video, why not give it a thumbs up and maybe even give me a subscription? Anyhow, until Next time my friends.

Contact information, y’know, if ya wanna chat or something.

Xbox: Kovecy
Discord: Kovecy

And for those who don’t know, I don’t have a upload schedule. I upload when I can so, I would appreciate it if I don’t get rushed ^^ Next video may be different or may not be, you’ll just have to keep a lookout 👀

  1. Sky 120 says

    Hey man we should do a colab some time I don’t have many subs but it would be fun!

  2. Jesse Williams says

    Seen your post on xbox, thought I'd have a geez. Plague does need nurf 😂

  3. glock 17 says

    nice vid G

  4. Jupider Playz says

    Whats with new youtubers and loud intros

  5. Tori Faith says

    One thing to say fortnite sucks also nice vid

  6. Bruh Moment says

    Pinky toe rash vibes

  7. liam peremen says

    came from yr post, glad i did! a well made funny vid! keep it up man

  8. liam peremen says

    I dOnT nEed tO wEaR a MaSk!, I wIlL nOt InFeCt ANYBODY:
    Karen's be like:

  9. Susan Drew says

    Theses are actually fun what

  10. Toboy Thiccos says

    I saw your post on xbox

  11. Xander Barkell says

    Do nurse lol

  12. PixilleWolf says

    This is really good dude!

  13. MLG GoldenFreddy says

    Nice, also epic intro.

  14. Ronald Perez says
  15. Артем Фурман says
  16. Fazbear Productions says

    xD I love these

  17. Pilot says

    Great video lad! Good thing to watch while eating a breakfast bar

  18. Just your normal simp. says

    Very good!

  19. Logan Fish stick says

    Very good vid

  20. Ashy Fazbear says

    Great Video Man! Funny as hell 🤣👍🏼

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