Hey team, and welcome to the 178th episode of this Cricket 19 career mode! In today’s episode we play South Africa in the last round before the semis! Will we take first spot? Will we go bang and have another great performance? To find out, sit back, relax, stay safe, and get amongst the action!


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  1. Cheeky peteski says

    Headline weaver slaughters South Africa.. Headline Australia eying of English revenge

  2. Prequelism says

    You have had one of the all time great world cup tournaments.

    On the the list for the most amount of wickets taken in a single world cup, you will be around 3rd. Could be first depending on how your last few games go.

    On the list for the most amount of runs in a single world cup, you are currently 4th. Could be first if you play well in the next few games.

    Wickets –;type=trophy


  3. Ricardo De Vries says

    Headline: Weaver having a brilliant captain's knock making a ton and taking 3 wickets!


    Weaver's brilliant captain's knock put Australia in a good position to win the cup!

  4. Singh Views says

    Bought PS4 after seeing you play this Game Mate…Good Going…God bless u ❤️😇

  5. shradha goenka says

    Headline: "Skipper Weaver shines with bat and ball as Australia on top of the table."
    Headline:" Is Weaver the player of the series after a dream world cup as a player and a captain?"

  6. Young Clueless says

    Captain Fantastic
    SA's miserable world cup continues
    Top order on fire for australia

  7. Keenan S says

    “Player of the tournament” experts praise weaver on amazing tournament

  8. KISHAN says

    Headline: Weaver's century guides Australia to the World Cup Semi Finals
    Headline: Everyon chipped in with the bat

  9. PAUL MURPHY says

    headline: Weaver ton guides aussies to easy win over SA
    Headline: questions being asked is weaver the best allrounder ever to play
    Headline: weaver to make Bin Dover mod if he wins the world cup

  10. PAUL MURPHY says

    Lads ive made it im in the news room #blessed

  11. Fergus says

    If only they didn’t make you do the Warner jump

  12. The Terminator The reality says

    Is this a baseball game or ceicket

  13. Daniel Faaola says

    South Africa bowl and bat terrible

  14. Savage Doge says

    Headline: Weaver’s blistering motm performance guides Australia to the wc semi final
    Headline: Weaver questioned to be the best all rounder there is!!??

  15. Bin Dover says

    Headline: “Skipper’s light shining brightly before finals”
    “Weaver’s Australia will take on Rahkeem’s West Indies in semi final clash”

  16. Ramalingam Durai says

    Is there gonna be a fifa stream

  17. AMN PLAYS says

    Your midwicket flicks and on drives are a beauty to watch.

  18. K Playz says

    I'm second

  19. K Playz says

    I was here when there was 3 views

  20. Aneesh Vishrudh says

    I'm first

  21. Aneesh Vishrudh says


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