1. ShyGuy83 says

    So I said to the guy, "Ketchem? I can't even run after him."

  2. KineticWasEpic says

    What do you call a snail on a ship? a snailer!0:00Get it? a… snailer…

  3. ZeroFiveSeven says

    Thank you 

  4. Charles Randolph says

    so does Keepvid.com

  5. MrPhantom95 says

    Youtube downloader solves the problem

  6. Sam Itani says

    no top comments yet ? mhm..
    so why did the chicken cross the road ?
    to run away from KFC .. lol oh please, stop 😀

  7. ben6993 says

    So I said, 'Tea is for mugs!' 😀

    *sound effect plays 0:00*


  8. FGacal says


  9. Justine B says

    @FlutePlayaar101 just get the latest version 2.6 Youtube HD downloader

  10. Charles Randolph says

    @FlutePlayaar101 get a youtube downloader…i hear their free

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