Dahi Samosa Chaat | Served on Leaf Plate | Indian Street Food


This man runs a tiny cart in Burrabazar area of Kolkata selling delicious Samosa Chaat. First he crushes 3-4 samosa with hand on to the tawa. Then he puts onions, chaat masalas, sweet tamarind chutney and green spicy chutney. He then mixes them well and serve it on leaf plate. Taste is full of chatpata flavours.

  1. MSA SADEQ says

    Yammy and tasty😋😋😋😋😋


  2. Aadesh Jain says

    such an calm seller

  3. SAMRPIT Indian Classical music says

    Look yummy

  4. Bhaskar Rabha says

    Mouth watering dahi samoa chat looks really hot and spicy

  5. Harjit D says

    Looks very yummy☺🙂🌹🌱🏵🌷💮🌸🌻💐🌻

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    Kotmeer dhoya bhi Ni 🤮

  8. rahul twin says

    In kolkata u find everything is quiet lo low quality look at the quality of dahi is like water

  9. Supradip Debnath says

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  10. aizz kitchen says
  11. piggybjorn says

    I truly appreciate his hard working, his effort to earn money in positive way. About the hygiene, please support him by your kind suggestions, he will do better and the best.

  12. DJ micky says

    I don't know iska swad kesa honga but wo samose Ek din purane he Yani BAASE Samose bechra he wo usk uperk cover sehi pata chalra papadi fati he over cook k Karan

  13. Nithya. 2B.ComSec 2 says

    Appetizing 😋

  14. Chetan Dev says

    Total unhygienic food

  15. Chaat Chatore says

    8 year old girl cooking channel…
    Ek baar iski cooking video jarur dekhe🙏
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  17. Chandrakant Sadanande says


  18. Navaghar Kiran says

    Name : Delhi chat
    YouTuber : Mumbai
    Place : Kolkata
    Viewer : Hyderabad

  19. Saurabh Yadav says

    nhi chaatunga mai

  20. Ravindra pathak says

    Pagal ki aulad tera baap ne achhi chijo ko bigada hoga ,3 class attam,khane wale usebhi 4th class

  21. daxa Chaudhari says


  22. Raj Beast says
  23. koysor says


  24. Toonpost says

    Its not crispy… Become soggy…. After this

  25. SS Creation says

    Saying no for Chinese product
    In this diwali pls use Indian products only…and also pls make sure that u help the roadside vendors..

  26. Kevin Werfel says

    But why is he crushing Samosas? I thought they were to eat as they are?

  27. LOW BUDGET MoVIES says

    Mumbai waale Delhi walon kosh dish ki videos banane lage?👀

  28. ULTRON ARMY says

    I want to eat 🤤🤤

  29. love of life vid luv says

    Ye video me onion dikha… Baki real me ye bhaiyya nahi dalte onion… Mahnge hai na…,🤣

  30. Gagandeep Kumar says


  31. Sai vedanth Nikam says

    How good it would it be if we try this at home

  32. nandlalarati kanojia says

    very very good my dear sir i love u plese come to delhi

  33. Lahore Special says


  34. Amit Pasi says

    Dahi pura paani jaisa hai😂 milawat wala hai

  35. AMAR TIWARY says

    Yahi chat aandi banstalla, burrabazar mein marwari balika vidyalay ke bahar sabse best milta hai

  36. The Mofos says

    The shopkeeper is having a flat belly 😂

  37. aaaaaaaaaaaaa says

    Go to marwari balika vidyalaya
    Adi Banstolla lane
    Barrabazar kolkata 7
    Good street food available

  38. D. R. gamerz says

    Gujarati like here

  39. Jitender Kumar says

    Samosa mai pyaaz nhi ye pyaaz mai smaosa dala ja raha hai🤣🤣🤣

  40. Manish Jain says

    Curd is like buttermilk😂

  41. ken lavens says

    It's so dirty in india…

  42. Bachelor's kitchen Twist of taste says
  43. Simple Eating Show says

    Feeling hungry 🙂

  44. Sumit K says

    Why hes destroying the samosas…


    Second wale me oil and first wale me dhaniya dalna bhul gaye wo…..shayad…..this is not fair😀


    Bro if you are in kolkata do try burrabazar paw bhaji and mithaaaais

  47. sameer deshmukh says

    Every one loves this street food but then also complain about hygiene 😅

  48. Rexx says

    Meat eaters who are responsible for viruses like swine flu, bird flu, Corona virus and ebola are talking about hygiene! 😂 Btw cooking at high temperatures do kill germs

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