1. Amber Squiddy :3 says

    When you have school the next day

  2. TxrtleGaming 000 says

    *me when my oc dies in a roblox dr host* AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH

  3. Oisuke! says

    Alarm Clock: NopeThis as my Alarm Clock: AAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH!

  4. switch the comment arrangement says

    ok lets check…..the…….sho…………

  5. Hello says

    I love this noise too much. By too much I mean at all, it's supposed to be a bad noise but I just like the sound of it lol

  6. Gasterix says

    Jesus christ, every time I hear this it sends shivers down my spine and feels like my stomach's in a knot…

  7. InQieGaming says

    When you forget your homeworks.

  8. A A C H I L L Y Z I L L says

    When you self reflect on your horrible mental health and realize your dead inside

  9. elliott nahmias says

    Do not set this as your alarm. Every day, I wake up to The Worst, Most Despair Inducing noise in the History of Mankind
    and now I have PTSD

  10. BlastoiseBoy650 says

    Hear that? That's the sound of another dead waifu.

  11. YourAverageCatLover says

    "Its festival time!""Wow MC, you got here befo–""AHHHH!!"*this music plays*

  12. AceStar1642 says

    gasps in shock Aaaaaahhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. ya5u says

    all your favorites are dead

  14. Rodrigo Leija says

    When you see your favorite character murdered.

  15. Choco The Octoling says

    If I ever find a dead body, I will play this in my head

  16. FnafGeek87 says

    0:00 when you sleep in then you realized you have school.

  17. MakotoManiac says

    I added this to my music playlist so I can give myself a heart attack while drawing :,)

  18. TheSuperEan300 says

    A B O D Y H A S B E E N D I S C O V E R E D

  19. franomora says

    The worst thing was the Ahwawawaaw part

  20. 666_TRASH LXRDE_666 says

    when you cheat on a test the time is up and you notice you did the wrong cheat answers because it wasn't math it was English

  21. sodaddict says

    When you realize its Junko who's laughing at the near end of the song.

  22. Mr Phantom says

    Dear twin sister by the time you read this BANG

  23. SebDokkan JAP says

    When i eat strawberry , but the strawberry's juice is on my hand.IM A SERIAL eater

  24. Rodrigo Leija says

    Better join your favorite Danganronpa characters.

  25. Ibuki Mioda says

    I'm hanging, thanks to Mikan.

  26. Happy Badger says

    this plays when i find a dead animal that my cat killed

  27. Futaba Sakura says

    When your parents find out you got an F in school.

  28. Justin Headen says

    Sounds like a girl moaning

  29. Nocnoc says

    When I see a big spider

  30. I agree. says

    Play at 0.5 speed

  31. Gamerbøi Cøntent says

    When your controller dies and you go to get more, but the battery container is empty

  32. Alex Pridham says

    try playing it backwards

  33. Laenthor says

    Still gives me shivers! Even though the scenes are far from the goriest stuff I've ever seen, the implications and sudden shock to see X person killed is still horrifying. Tots to these series for doing something somewhat different than what the Phoenix Wright series would do.

  34. Linkonpark100 says

    It sounds like a dying walrus.

  35. Raspbear_Tea says

    Why hello they Sayaka Maiz-o no

  36. redvelvett plays says

    When you put your phone on the charger and you come back and its unplugged..

  37. Flack Jacket says

    No matter how many times I listen to it, it ALWAYS sends an unsettling chill down my spine!

  38. Anna says

    When you hear that fucking violin. You know someone's waifu got killed.

  39. kay says

    s h o o k

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