Here’s a look into my life as a Student- Athlete at Baylor University! This video is my typical day in the summer – Subscribe if you want to follow along to see my last season on the Baylor Soccer Team!!

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“Lazy people want much but get litle, but those who work hard will prosper.”
Proverbs 13:4

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  1. FuriousPenguin says

    Wow it’s crazy how time flies

  2. anya imerlishvili says

    Who is ur fav soccer player?Mine is Tobin Heath

  3. Patrick Barry says

    Great video!

  4. Juan Pablo Jimenez Rios says

    Football !

  5. Amanda Futch says

    How to make ecnl??

  6. maddie llewellyn says

    she is so gorgeous omg what-

  7. Canaan Evans says

    baylor’s my dream school rn and i can’t wait to apply next fall!!! thank you for posting all these videos so i can get a idea, even if i won’t be a athlete lol! do athletes have their own little dining hall?

  8. Allie McMasters says

    Have you seen Brooklyn and Bailey? ?

  9. FlamingBull says

    Good morning y'all

  10. mj22revolution says

    I remember those days, best of luck ladies enjoy. Make it last….

  11. Volta says

    it’s BRAZos river

  12. Sunny N says

    Coming from a non athlete student, you guys are awesome and are hard workers

  13. Katie Ross says

    who tf r u

  14. ᑕᗩᑎᗪƳ ᗰᎥ丅丅ᗴᑎ says

    3:45 Chloe ting is that you?

  15. Paisley Freeman says

    you go to my dream college only 1 hour away from me

  16. Riley Marsh says

    i love always room for improvement!!

  17. Hannah Hui says

    This is so helpful because I play soccer competitive and this came up in my recommendations and I also look forward to train hard like y’all and I want to play soccer in college too. Love this stay safe! ❤️

  18. Ankit Roy says

    You legit look like may from Peaky blinders! ❤️

  19. Patrycjusz Mleko says

    I guess this girls have bigger muscles than most of European male soccer players ??

  20. Madysen Thompson says

    dixie damilio is that you? im kidding but they look alike

  21. Hanna Verreault says

    Can u still make money off youtube even tho u play ncaa

  22. Gianluca Gallucci says

    The fact that you play football but you call it soccer makes me depressed…

  23. Jordan Pierre says

    I got the chance to go to this campus for a tour, it was one of the biggest, modest and cleanest campuses. Great vid!!!

  24. L T says

    This is my goal for the future, and I’m going to make it happen.

  25. mmaakkiinn says

    That morning sunrise practice looked amazing to be apart of.

  26. Prettygirl Paris_ says

    I really want to go to Baylor ???

  27. Nylah Moore says

    This looks like a nice college

  28. Professor Batman says

    Are you CatWoman? because you sure make a super hero girl!! Just in case anyone needs help with assignments, essays or research papers > ​
    Don’t be a joker! Check it out, You can thank me later.

  29. atlien052 says

    go baylor number 1

  30. Melanie Welch says

    Last I checked, women didn't count as athletes, but you do you lmao

  31. bvanbanan says

    dope brows though bro

  32. Iliana Cotton-Cisneros says

    I live in Waco TX

  33. Mikayla Tsai says

    I really love your content!! I am also an aspiring collegiate player so I'm so grateful that this popped up when I was looking through a math tutorial haha. You've made me realize that my dreams are more attainable than I once thought, and I will keep going at it. It's funny, I want to be a biology major as well! Thank you so much and keep creating videos!!! <3 <3

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