Death Race | Jason Statham's Full Battle with the Dreadnought


Jensen Ames (Jason Statham) has bested every challenge in the Death Race so far, but he has yet to face his biggest test yet: the Dreadnought. Here’s the full Dreadnought battle scene! #DeathRace #JasonStatham #Dreadnought

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Welcome to the Death Race, where hardened convicts and smoking-hot navigators race tricked-out cars in the most twisted spectator sport on Earth! Sentenced to the world’s most dangerous prison for a murder he did not commit, Jensen Ames (Jason Statham) has only one chance to get out alive – win the ultimate race to the death. Also starring Tyrese Gibson, Death Race is a “supercharged, sick and satisfying” (Nathan Lee, The New York Times) ride that will keep you pinned to your seat all the way to its insane, metal-crushing end!

© 2008 Universal Studios. All Rights Reserved.
Cast: Jason Statham, Tyrese Gibson, Ian McShane, Joan Allen, Natalie Martinez
Produced By: Jeremy Bolt, Paul W.S. Anderson, Paula Wagner
Written & Directed By: Paul W.S. Anderson

  1. MUSTAFA says

    Omg, I still remember the first feeling of watching this Jason movie, he exactly should have been other death race movies

  2. EF111 says

    Now i know Roman pierce life was here before joining Brian oconnor,

  3. Daniel Dalton says

    Twisted Metal movie?

  4. Jiji Lili says

    Film kamil

  5. undertones says

    Jason Staffam's Jason Steakums

  6. Wolfboy 422 says

    Bruh these vehicles are from gta 5

  7. Roopesh patel says

    4:38 that's entertainment.. ?

  8. MTX . YT says

    Brooo fortnite

  9. Ken Wong says


  10. Harry Sime says

    Can we have another sequel where Jason Statham wakes up and the last 3 movies were just a bad dream and we get right back to where we left off?

  11. Monsieur Sunflower says

    Yo isnt that guy with the headset the same guy who pretended to ne mentally disabled to get away with crimes from the mentalist series? I guess this is where he works know after being arrested.

  12. Nur Hussen says

    Full movie hindy do plice ???

  13. Httle Li says

    What fck that truck

  14. Jack0Lantern says

    Stop with the constant shake-cam, for Christ's sake. It's unnecessary and there's far better techniques than it!

  15. Amazin82 says

    So a rocket launcher causes no damage but the one guy in the passenger seat?

  16. James Tingtat says

    Imagine this monstrosity in mad max: Fury road

  17. LUNITIC WILL says

    "how about we play a little offense" is another saying for "Lets break her little toy"

  18. Phong says

    Canh tay Việt Nam ?? đâu ạ

  19. JL Franco says

    YouTube: here check out this clip Directed by Michael Bay

  20. ALL IN ONE CLUB skb saysसस्ती जमीन खरीदने के लिए हमसे जुड़े।

  21. Nathaniel Kisku says

    Nice action movie #nathanielkisku

  22. Choong Jian Cheong says

    Nice movie

  23. Carissa Felicie says

    ????? ?????? ?????? ????
    quality HD ➥

    All languages available

    айлык алгыныз келеби? Бирок сиз бала менен уйдо

  24. Duncan McMillan says

    Fucking awesome sequence

  25. Victor Hernandez says

    I luv this movie,its like mario kart meets twisted metal

  26. Nathanael Pineda says


  27. 卍解とんかっちゃん says


  28. 卍解とんかっちゃん says


  29. john gaynor says

    is that liu kang

  30. TheNextRez says

    Maybe if jason use tank he will win

  31. Shankar Dansena says


  32. Arie Pratama says

    Fast & Furious presents: Roman & Shaw

  33. Muhammad Rafi.i says

    mantap broo

  34. Ryan Sakha says

    Is it arena war vehicle?

  35. Thái Bảo Nguyễn says

    This Death Race movie made the Fast&furious series look like children's movies.

  36. Thái Bảo Nguyễn says

    I watched this Death Race again and again in last 10 yrs. This Death Race movie made me no longer want to watch any of Fast Furious series.

  37. Thái Bảo Nguyễn says

    Amateur: Fast & Furious seriesHardcore: Death Race

  38. Sacchin says

    Pamela Landy got transferred !!

  39. Darth Sand says

    Still wish we got that Twisted Metal movie. Oh well, this will have to do for now.

  40. Dwarf in a Flask says

    Fast and Furious producers should have never saw this movie

  41. Hazz JL says

    well,Liu Kang is dead now i guess?

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