1. Shimon Kramer says

    @Axilz I'm not sure if I'm the only one but I have used this sound track to help me study through my GED, my college education, and my career related regulations (which i have soared up in). This has allowed me to focus and I seriously cannot thank you enough. It's like number 10 on why I managed to get this far in life.

  2. Eddie Gordon says

    I stayed 10 hours and listened.

    What a relaxing all-nighter by the fire ( metaphorically in my memory gathered around the fire in camp ) listening for a while. ( as many others often huddled up late at night in a duvet or blanket while I was younger ) – oh what a game, it deserves so much time even now I played it a few years back and got the same thrill out of it, a totally new experience and provided you don't concern yourselves too heavily with the details of the story here and there it feels like a totally new story too.

    Even now games don't quite hit that sweet spot, we all know it and we all in our hearts and minds know why… Capitalism the beast that was Diablo, that we thought we had slain but was truly a larger pest that we had yet to notice until we had fully gained our sight into the world beyond our command line interfaces, basic fleshy appendages, the few senses we have and whatever else we could cobble together and figure out in our lifetimes.

    Everyone remembers being young, we came into this world full of passion, so eager to do so much, learn so much and help so many.

    But for many and most of us, it was soon crushed by the instant realization that there was no real system of law world-wide, a complete inter-jumbled mess of politics and riches dredged up over the ages of human history through bloody wars, chaotic conflicts and many more crazy and downright deplorable situations across time.

    This music reminds me of that feeling, where we just wanted to be a part, listen and learn. But before you know it, you can no longer ask questions, are split into rank and file. But never truly categorised unless you manage to do so on your own merit or sometimes with others help.

    But as a whole, no real tribes, camps, places to gather or contribute together.

    Unless in a monetary form, where we all crowd around for the last bit of gold to drop from a skeleton as if that were all that mattered in life.

    This game deserves more of my time and even further speculation upon that missing feeling we all know to be the root cause of all the problems todays society has. A sense of connection to those around us, a togetherness.

    That is rarely felt. We must find a cause for us to unite world-wide.

    To progress into the New World Order, first we must shed the Old World Order.

    Remember many fear it, but they are not the legions that will go forward in search of battle and warriors to aid out in the barrens or wilds. Tapping away in any way we can, hoping that somehow we can find a way to make it all make sense.

    But no, settle down young ones. You have a journey to go on. A time for us all to unite.

    Remember the New World Order will not be a blight.

    But a sight to behold.

    Perhaps a bit bold, but it is ours.

    Not to overthrow, but to overhaul, the entire system worldwide, giving the abusers of the Old World Order no choice but to submit to the will of OUR NEW WORLD ORDER.


    We must however respect, the world they came from was totally different to ours.

    A world in which all knowledge was harvested and gathered manually by millions over centuries and shared carelessly across the world.

    Compared to one where it is at our fingertips, resources so plenty that the people of times long gone could likely never have imagined.

    This transition period will be tough for humanity I can tell, I have always had a deep interest in human history and it's many intricacies.

    Don't forget, our NWO, their OWO. unite under one banner and together we can all usher in an age of technological wisdom that will bestow humanity a true shot at getting beyond the stars of our local cluster or whatever hope we stand of even leaving our own solar system will be soon lost.

    We can certainly ensure together as a species that not only those that are currently rich ( continue to live well just to avoid a fight ) but that the rest of us do too and that there will be no future abuse of monetary power that will also hopefully be of no interest to anyone for personal gain as it would be nothing but a detriment to the clan, society or human race as a whole.

    I am copying this into a text document also for a book I hope to write one day, all human beings should write a book, we all specialise in something or have spent a lot of time around something that could relate to a specific topic or subject, useful data can be found in the strangest of places. Everybody has something to contribute to society.

    Ensuring that I stop typing soon though knowing me I will reply to myself if I feel I think of anything that I feel needs to be added on to these thoughts for anyone that might read them.

    Like a message in a bottle, or a scroll found in the catacombs not far from here… < written in the sense of a story of where we all imagined the old world like Diablo and the new world almost as it is now, but better. Then reality, still the old world, so close, yet so far! Still in a world similar to the game we all came here to reminisce about. At least as it seemed in our memories! Magic even to children was never really a thing to be taken seriously, but wolves and forests, diablo, the world has its crazy creatures and in times long gone this game is how life would have felt for many people, respect beyond that which words could describe to every last person that was involved in creating it.

    Stay a while and listened did ya? Got a story to tell or pass on? Write your own as it seems many here have done so too, or comment, share around and show the world, that it's ours to take from a potential world like Fallout 1+2 or Diablo 1+2 into a world more like No Mans Sky or Subnautica for every member of humanity.

  3. nobodie 999 says

    How does one comment about something that is a part of who they are? Perfect timing for many reasons. Thank you again

  4. Gunnin Wizard says

    Geez this brings me back to around 1997 just waiting for my turn on our new emachine so I could play this….could not waitttt. now im 43 years old semi retired listening to this to remind me of better times.

  5. Toasty667 says

    Ah the memories of playing this back on the ps1! Nostalgia overload. 🙂

  6. Defext Official says

    "I play this song to every game I play."
    "Oh, yeah? What game are you playing, now?"

  7. dosduros says


  8. ANATOLI says

    Damn, i played every single Diablo with all the Dlcs included

  9. Magic Turtle says

    Sometime's I feel like the fallen soldier on the ground outside the church.

  10. Lee says

    Literally the only thing keeping me focused on studying for the last 4 years of apprenticeship school.

  11. first last says

    This does bring back memories – mostly of that overpriced peg legged little shit!!!! (Wirt of course)

  12. Boromir Of Gondor says


  13. Joãozinho Mineiro says

    "poisoned water supply"

  14. Oliver Allen says

    “So many bodies, so many friends…”

  15. J J says

    "Yep, that's a cow alright."
    "Yes. That is a cow. Alright?"

  16. Eddie Gibson says

    I would consider using this to give a massage.

  17. Burak Atas says

    i remember how i shouted and afraid when i first encounter the butcher. you open that door and hear this butcher says aaaah fresh meat. i left the keyboard and ran away from the room. my sisters were laughing at me. i was probably 12 or 13. aaaaaaaaaaah nostalgia. i missed those old times so so much. now i have 2 kids working from 9-6 everyday and hoping they to provide them a beautiful childhood with lots of unforgettable memories like i had.

  18. Chris Perry says

    "I can't cast that here" but I did come here to "Stay a while and listen" to this great soundtrack

  19. kemop06 says

    Oh the memories !! Great upload Axilz !!

  20. AS D says

    Still Fuxxing nice A legendary theme

  21. Andrew says

    'I can't cast that here'

  22. Andrew says

    I stayed awhile and listened.

  23. Hard Boiled says


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