1. nitrofumes2012 says

    Nice video, I like seeing anything about how they build their chassis to live.

  2. Hyprmtr says

    @6:53 no back purge? WTH?

  3. joe estes says

    Lickedy Split!

  4. Bob Peterman says

    Don schumacker raceing. Brownsburg ind. Stupid

  5. Robert Forrest says

    My favorite shop tour was Don"Big Daddy "Garlits in Ocala Florida. A trip to the 2013 Gator Nationals was sweet as well !

  6. Slap Nasty says


  7. extramile150 says

    excellent video

  8. Michael Hollier says

    The blower dyno is SICKK

  9. jkw427 says

    They failed to mention, just the rear wing can exert as much as 3,000+lb's of downforce. Stressing the chassis even more. Then the clutch locks into a 1/1 ratio about 2/3rds track, and flexes it even more. You will actually see the middle chassis, bow up from clutch lockup and rear downforce. The car wants to launch, thus the frt wing to plant it. These fuel pumps can pump out 90 gallons of fuel a minute. Almost X2 55 gallon drums worth. Fun facts lol

  10. LDN Wholesale says

    But WHY do these dragster frames keep breaking? While they are supposed too in a crash they have done so regularly on the track. Meaning the frames are not strong enough.I suspect that lowering the wing would help, less leverage or just bringing it forward.Or ofcourse less power as has been discussed for 20 years.

  11. Absolute Nonsense says

    i laugh every time i listen to that fake crack sound

  12. zerocapacitance1 says


  13. Smokey says

    i remeber getting a tour of this shop when they moved in BROWNSBURG INDIANA , before i began my ARMY career

  14. Aaron thompson says

    DSR is in Brownsburg, in not Brownsville FYI

  15. Scott Weatherman says

    Thank you Don and friends for allowing me to go back into your shop and view some of the scenes in your shop. I also remember seeing your cars run in Bowling Green Ky in and around 1970. Amazing to see how your teams have evolved over time.

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