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  1. Magic first Fontillas says

    Ava: she cheat because she look at mommy screen and. She is a cheater no looking at computer Ava cheat that’s not the point of the game right?

  2. Tiffany Fleming says

    Ava is the worst

  3. Ben christ says

    im a fan!!

  4. Rebecca Artime says

    You should do among us in real life

  5. Salome Gatura says

    More tabs

  6. Salome Gatura says

    More fornite

  7. JC Harbison says

    Sauce mom is it

  8. Erick Brock says

    i whant to see you pley

  9. Jason Guerrero says

    I have among us

  10. Xxbladekiller 10 says

    Juice wrld actually died

  11. Ciro Zobel says

    Ava stop looking at your mom screen

  12. Stephizzle says

    Are you are going to play Among Us again and you can get the game

  13. jennie9797 says


  14. Eden Skye says

    sus mom is sus

  15. Zebra Simba says

    pleas make a nother one

  16. ecorrea6 says

    Hi lie if they see you kill

  17. Goku Omnipotent says

    I thank tend ten yesterday

  18. Goku Omnipotent says

    No Ninjas real amount is name is Ninja not NINJA

  19. Sam Ziemer says

    Kid city you are the best I love your videos i subscribed each one of your channel's

  20. Morgan Tabron says

    pleses play more among us

  21. Karmic Life says

    Scott😋😋😁😋😳👀😉😘😏😏😏. 🙉🙉🙉🐬🐟🐟🐳🐬🐟🐠🐡🦛🐦🐘🦧🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🔫

  22. diz roberts says

    W what

  23. Keanu Gopichand says

    Dadcity: u can go through walls

    Me: your a ghost what do u think

  24. Jonathan Sanchez says

    I was looking for an among us video

  25. ANTHONY YONTO says

    why is sus mom it all the time idk

  26. ANTHONY YONTO says

    trump2020 is my boy

  27. Jose Carrero says

    You guys should've separated ava

  28. Anthony Contreras says

    your sitter is change why because she pot to key it to her self if she died

  29. Sarah Moorhouse says

    You know that fall guys video I like fall guys

  30. Sarah Moorhouse says

    Because then you know the impostor

  31. Sarah Moorhouse says

    You should say to ava don't look at other screens

  32. Sarah Moorhouse says

    I play that game it's my favorite

  33. Sarah Moorhouse says

    K city is a cool channel
    I like the channel

  34. Brayden Hauther says

    I hate your videos
    Hahaha lovers

  35. Algert Durmishi says

    I love Among us

  36. RoomD2 Jack London says

    tell Ava I am sorry for the death

  37. RoomD2 Jack London says

    good job finding the imposter

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