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I participated in Drag Racing Tournament with my Volkswagen Scirorro. This is the best drag racing setup I’ve ever made. Let me know if you want me to make a video of my Drag Tune. I think the Evo is the best drag car in carx drift racing. Both PC and PS4 players were participating in this drag event. We had the FD style brackets as well. Some people had insanely fast drag setups on their AWD cars. Subarus, Evos and other all wheel drive cars were doing really good. We had a little car meet at the beginning as well to check out the competition and liveries.

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— My PC stats:
Graphics card: Nvidia GeForce GTX 1660 Ti
Processor: i7-9750H 2.60GHz
Hard drive: 500GB SSD

  1. SHONGO says

    If I could joi according to the other people's speed I could have won

  2. Isaiah Sandoval says

    I would build a drag Supra mrk4 it’s my dream car

  3. Trae Caddy says

    what are the tunes?

  4. mazap 64 says

    i would like a race car setup??

  5. ɮεɳزαʍɨɳ says

    where are you buy this game

  6. Vusal ibragimov says

    How did you make this smal car go 350 km???

  7. Riski Haryanto says

    Make the drag tune pls

  8. vladimir lazoroski says

    evo drag build

  9. Inmar Campos-Rivera says

    NII SANN- lol I wish I could drift with goofiest it would be sooo fun <3

  10. FL Jit says

    We need that drag setup

  11. SHADOWMAN 999 says

    I Buy Pc But Games Not Downloaded In My Pc Please Tell Me

  12. SHADOWMAN 999 says

    🌹Goosiest 🌹 I Have Question

    Is UR Pc With Android Software

  13. -丂 ㄩ i 匚 i ᗪ 乇- says

    Video ideas for CarX
    Muscle Street? Muscle car with an insane setup all arounder setup (top speed, acceleration, and handling) and race through the city, make ur own route~ 4 event: "Car Meet", "Drag Race", "Tandems", And "Around the city" race, and yes only muscle car, i recommend a chevrolet camaro zl1 or dodge challenger, and use some sick mean bodykits and livery

  14. Avinash Manoj says

    3:20 Nii-San S15.

  15. CleanMotorSport RacingAssociation says

    This is definitely a interesting platform to do it on since most cars cant catch traction on for shit on this game 😂

  16. CleanMotorSport RacingAssociation says

    Now imagine a drift game where building a drag car wasn’t in the game description 😂😂

  17. Vincent Cedrick Marco says


  18. LuvTonyy says

    hearing your voice feels so weird not saying your voice is weird i've just been watching you for so long i didn't even realize u were talking.

  19. Allu Gamer says

    Karjalaisella ei menny hyvi

  20. UG Swifty says

    Wait is CarX Drifting free on PS4 PLEASE Someone let me know if it is

  21. D M A says

    Me: oh 250 that's a pretty good 1/4 top speed
    Me : 290 310 wow those will be the most competitive cars
    Goose hits 350 me:……. Y r the others even trying???!!

  22. D M A says

    Did u guys practice starts everyone kinda seemed lost or slow on reaction

  23. Justin Smith says

    BRO what he tune on your car?!?!

  24. GABRISS YT says

    Maybe do some epic suv drift

  25. Meat says

    Was that Camaro waiting for an Email saying that the race started? lmao

  26. 1.07 Anonymous says

    Pretty close, great video.

  27. Torx says

    should get Carx drift racing or the RDS gp game

  28. BigCountr _860 says

    How do I get into an X drag race and do durable drive only drag races

  29. Bass King says

    Karjalainen mitä tapahtu?


    Maby some of them lost to ping?

  31. POSH Spice says

    i hope you can make nissan laurel(C33) car meet

  32. Mike Who Cheese Harry says

    i always wanted to join a non glitched all natural drag race on Carx PS4 but everybody drives the same old glitch cars 🤦🏽‍♂️ add me: TETI_KETI

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