Drag Racing Remote Camera Destroyed


Come along for the ride as motor sports photographer Mark J. Rebilas has an $11,000 camera destroyed by an out-of-control top fuel dragster at Auto Club Famoso in Bakersfield, California.

Among the gear destroyed was a Nikon D700 with battery grip, a Nikon 400mm 2.8 lens, and a Pocket Wizard Plus receiver. The Manfrotto Magic Arm that the camera was mounted to was the only piece of gear to survive.

  1. Mary Robinson says

    Manfrotto might buy you new equipment with a recommendation like that for their Magic Arm

  2. John Sessoms says

    I hope you had insurance.

  3. Patrick Chan says

    SO HURT…

  4. Setiawan Kartawidjaja says


  5. Jackamoo1 says

    Mark IS the man with the lens

  6. ronnie tjikoeri says

    That hurts

  7. Esteban Peverengo says

    GoPro my friend.

  8. Guru of Random says

    I want to see a filming camera get destroyed.

  9. Milo X says

    Great attitude, by man that hurts…

  10. royraiden says

    That 400 2.8 is more expensive than $6k, probably something like $8k.

  11. AussieSoccerBoy94 says

    how is that 11k, in the vid he said a $6000 lens, and the d700 is like $2,500 , no where near 11k ???

  12. Allan Zepeda says

    The dragger perfered Canon 😉

  13. jailbird111 says

    now sell it on EBAY. Slighty used….

  14. chris paul says


  15. OrangeYouth69 says

    Hey Guy, you can have that cheaper and with pictures. I destroyed my 60 Euro cam under a Tram still filming. But beautiful pictures from the dragstrip.

  16. PC4TW Photo Corporation For The World says

    an box aluminium suits

  17. R3d says

    Nice Corvette thou

  18. LANZAROT999 says


  19. PC4TW Photo Corporation For The World says

    0:40 -perfect ; )
    clap clap clap clap good djob

  20. rasco5 says

    @diegocrossi jaja, si…seria mas lastima si tuviera un neon!!

  21. foamuno says

    Damn I wanna be a photographer in the US……!

  22. Bret McGonigle says

    I can't believe the manfrotto arm wasn't damaged. Too bad the final shots from the camera were crappy, if you could pull this off again you should do something sick with the 14-24 haha. Except it'd cost you another body… so please don't haha.

  23. guyrhodes says

    @musicmentalwebsite You forgot to factor in the destroyed 400mm 2.8 lens that was attached to that D700.

  24. VFS Videos says

    so no money shot

  25. KushPizzaSleep says

    @guyrhodes this is what insurance is for moron.

  26. Spaeckli says

    if he can accomplish a fuckin corvette he can acomplisch a new lens and camera xD

  27. Heber Coll says

    @Dizzi800 I know. I was referring to the fact that he could afford all that in the first place.

  28. DaveOverThere says

    @hcoll it was most likey insured, so he probably did not lose any, or a whole lot, of money.

  29. guyrhodes says

    @jerrytoddphotography The card was recovered, but because the 400mm has such a narrow field of view, the last frame of the dragster was simply an out-of-focus head on view of the car far down the track. Hardly "once in a lifetime".

  30. jerrytoddphotography says

    Was the memory card saved??? Cause if so, you prob got some "once in a lifetime" pics!

  31. tumblingwall says

    Never thought I'd see someone use a Corvette for hauling your work equipment with.
    He probably goes through cameras like toothbrushes.

  32. diegocrossi says

    con el coche que tiene no tendrá mucho reparo en comprar una nueva, para mi es una lastima, pobre camara!!! :(((((

  33. Arpon001 says

    Y…¿quién pago por la camara y todo lo demás?, me imagino que el fotografo trabaja para alguna compañia, revista, sitio web, etc… más de 10 mil dolares en perdidas, no manchen con eso me compro un carro, una videocamara y una nikon D90. He has the full cover? xD.

  34. Daniel Henrique says

    Se fosse canon o cara num teria perdido o controle do carro!! e se perdesse a canon se garantiria!! kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

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