Dubai Travel Guide


The Attaché guide to Dubai, one of the most extraordinary cities on earth.
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This was a challenging shoot but absolutely worth it. With minimal equipment, baking temperatures, and sometimes less than ideal filming conditions, we wanted to bring you the best of what Dubai has to offer. When you step away from the malls and fast food joints, Dubai is a very special place with a fascinating story.

Thanks to Arva from the outstanding Frying Pan Adventures for taking us on a food tour of Old Dubai that we’ll never forget.

Thanks also to our friends at Emirates for getting us to Dubai in style on one of their amazing A380s. Now THAT is traveling.

Where we stayed – The Warwick Dubai

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  2. Nicole Bentley says

    My dream would to one day go dubai its intriguing my whole life

  3. Nicole Bentley says

    That air port is amazing

  4. Nicole Bentley says

    Amazing metro!! You should see bart in S.F it's nasty and full of crazy druggies

  5. moosesnWoop123 says

    RIP dubai 2020

  6. Magno García says


  7. M Stelios says

    Sharia law in Dubai – We have to be respectfull!

    Sharia law in Afghanistan – We have to invade that country and liberate those poor people!

  8. familypsych nj says

    Awesome Dubai Travel Guide! In my Dubai Tour I loved the places and Transport Service of Dubai. I have heard Dubai is expensive place but City Guide Taxi service was made my journey budget friendly and they have wide range of cars that you can instantly book.

  9. lilrog0909 says

    Overrated city…. It's like any other large 🇺🇸 city to me. Most modern middle east cities are like this. Including most cities in Israel

  10. A K says

    There is no 7-star hotel anywhere, pal, you're confused. "7-star service" expression by someone who wrote an article abt Burj Arab b/c she liked it very much & it took a life of its own by changing to "7-star" hotel.

  11. P BASKAR says


  12. Mohsin Shaikh says

    The best travel guide video, I have ever come across indeed very helpful, straight to the point and no beating around bush, great work😊🙏👍

  13. Gary Taylor says

    I like Arva:)

  14. Planes Trains And Buggies says

    Thanks guys – heading to Dubai for our first visit next week and learnt a lot from this so thank you!

  15. ruth Rammoni says

    Just watch this now, good show – enjoyed.

  16. Muhammad Sheraz says

    Love to watch your Great videos, Great informative videos. I spend a lot of time in UAE enjoyed multi cultural life. Much Appreciation, love and respect from Pakistan. 🌍🌹

  17. Hank Clarckson says

    Dont do this in dxb: kissing,drinking,sex non marriage,photos,filming,social media,swearing,Vpn,Hijab,medicine,drugs…All ur hotel & phone & rent a car bill or u'll be stopped at the exit.

  18. Adrian Motley says

    Los Angeles is using Transit Cards on their public transport and metro.

  19. Fran Aslam says

    Dubai, one of the most extraordinary cities on earth.

  20. Carrie A. says

    That mall its a beauty i have been there and iam going back for sure for New Years 2020🎉🎊🎉🎊🎊🎊

  21. Barbara Ailing says

    The girl is gorgeous

  22. LaDolcevita says

    You didn’t tell us how much the exchange rate is. So saying 13 zerams doesn’t really help?

  23. LaDolcevita says

    Yeah I don’t care what restaurant it is or how they cook it, wear good grade gloves and stop touching peoples food. Isn’t that illegal? It’s gross. That guy making bread was wiping his sweat in his clothing too while he was cooking and touch your food! 🤢

  24. Kokitass JR says

    Public transportation doesn’t run Friday morning because men are praying at the mosque 🕌

  25. carlo mov says

    With all respect to your efforts, i think that you can have Dubai into three categories, the downtown,, deira sector, and th marina- where you video started. And you can elaborate more on each section coz there are plenty to show, not just the mals but the streets, the area landmarks etc. maybe next time

  26. Tech Guyy says

    Any good places to eat in Dubai if someone is on a budget?

  27. TB travelers says

    how cool video thanks . Which place I should visit first ?

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