Eating ONLY VENDING MACHINE FOOD & CREEPY Vending Machines in Tokyo Japan


Japan is famous for having amazing number of vending machines! You can find these vending machines scattered across the cities and in the countryside as well as in shrines…basically everywhere you go! So I decided to try out some of these vending machines.

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  1. Strictly Dumpling says

    Hi Everyone! Just answering some faqs…No I am not in Japan (I WISH!) this was film pre lockdown and yes this is a brand new video not a re-upload. If you want to know where I am in real time, follow me on Instagram 😁

  2. Jessica N. says

    12:30 genius idea with the chopsticks, I hadn't thought of using it that way 😮

  3. hippoace says

    Come on Nissin cup noodles are the best…

  4. Missmethinksalot1 says

    Your friend was soadorsble somehow lol. I'm gonna go subscribe to his channel kthxbye

  5. mixampo says


  6. KE3M says

    Okay this time…… MIKE WAS NOT HAVING IT… haha it's good to see your honest side.

  7. Andreas Smyk says

    The same in Germany with the cup noodles 😅

  8. Sandra Weilbrenner says

    Saw tabi eats at the sandwich machine 2 days ago

  9. thehuhu says

    Mikey saying "gamechanger" reminded me of JL Jupiter lol

  10. kami baby says

    Law key his friend is so adorable his smile and the way he talks I mean you can tell that he is a good person god bless him

  11. Missmethinksalot1 says

    Omg that creepy Akihabara haunted machines place reminded me of when Safiya Nygaard visited it last year. And the row of vending machines in the park reminded me of Life Where I'm From channel's Greg, who did 2 amazing Tokyo videos on his channel, both by train and on bike.

  12. alissabethla says

    Walmart website has Curry Cup Noodles for pickup only.

  13. Sandra Weilbrenner says

    The tiny one probably had the best food

  14. Sandra Weilbrenner says

    The tink one had probably the best food.

  15. Vsipuli says

    When you saw those nissin cups at 12:00 i cringed when you skipped my favorite cup noodle of all time. Seafood! I used to eat that everyday when i was back in Japan 😀

  16. Mikala VanDeventer says

    Not all vending machines in Japan are like the first ones he went to! He went to the shadiest place in Tokyo. That was WILD 😂

  17. Sarah N Brandon says

    Can you do a video with ericsurf6?

  18. sheloveswilby says

    Since watching your videos I've taken to trying new instant noodles whenever a new vid comes out. So thanks for food adventures. This was like watching fear factor noodle edition. Longest I've seen you go in a video with no food. Thanks for sharing fun videos with travel starved people 🙂 look forward to our next virtual noodle dish together 🙂

  19. Riza Rachman says

    to your expression … those vending machine … are not even close to SeVel food level …

  20. B1ueup says

    13:18 Ah yes the floor here is made of floor

  21. gummo says

    i can't actually believe you teamed up with john, next time you should collab with paolo from tokyo

  22. Reehana Taj says

    Sorry but none of that looks safe!

  23. Ben's Tunes says

    No vending for me.

  24. Andee P & Company says

    You must have an iron stomach by now!

  25. laura reid says

    I'm having flashbacks

  26. J Paterson says

    I’ve watched other vlogs with the mystery boxes. You’re actually paying for the story not the product. And the rocks with the toy beetle are to provide weight so the container doesn’t get stuck and fill space.

  27. outoffire says

    1st 10 minutes were really cursed, Those damn outdated machines looked so depressing.

  28. laura reid says

    Mikey's day 😳😁😒😞😣😢😭😥

  29. Nigel Crouch says

    I've been to that 'Shady' vending machine in Akihabara. It's just around the corner from the main area and yes, it's exactly what it looked like in the video. It was dark and dirty with weird vending choices.

  30. Tina Tang says

    Hey could you please leave a note in the description of when it was filmed?

  31. TV & Daily Life Gameplay 电视与日常游戏玩家 says

    😻Mikey Charm Us with all the Food🤤

  32. safe space says

    Loved this video!

  33. KNSY_Danish says

    when he said dont have sex and dont pee and poop i said isnt this family friendly

  34. Fabiana Catana says

    I wouldn't have courage to try those from a vending machine.. looks so scaryyy

  35. Trey Milton says

    I am ex smoker and hate it too man. Don't blame you at all for moving on to another spot.

  36. Razul Darkwood says

    The bricks are probably to prevent the other items in the machine from crushing the toy. The mystery boxes are with added poetry, that's what the text is, that's the main idea of the boxes not so much the food its kind of an odd trend.

  37. Kare Bear says

    I was just about to ask you where was your😷

  38. alisa yokisawa says

    Yea. I tried that burger. Just like he said it taste weird😅

  39. hashtagmate says

    Vending machines in japan are what forests are in austriaLike if you got this one

  40. Pablo Suarez says

    Top 10 best anime collaborations

  41. Mark Donovan says

    I flew out to Tokyo literally a year ago today, the start of 5 weeks of travelling around Japan. Wish I could turn the clock back to then!

  42. Dalem Otter says

    Tabieats definitely has been to that last place with the sandwiches.

  43. Dash PortaL says

    Please can someone tell me the intro song name?😊

  44. Bhul Gaya says

    1000th comment ❣️I love you 😍

  45. Unholy Tears says

    Well, 23 mins in I know if I ever go there, only eat the cup noodles from vending machines 😂 nothing else is good, I wouldn't have eaten that chicken nugget if the chips were frozen 🤮

  46. Vidhatri Bhargava says

    Does this mean you’ll start your 7 eleven series again 😄😄 now that you are in Japan

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