Elijah Wood Talks Star Wars Resistance and Star Wars Celebration Chicago News!


This week on The Star Wars Show, Andi sits down with actor Elijah Wood from Star Wars Resistance and Anthony heads to Titmouse Animation Studios to discuss the creation of Star Wars Galaxy of Adventures. Plus, all the news in the world of Star Wars from over the break, including big stars coming to Star Wars Celebration, a Marvel Galaxy’s Edge comic and other books that tie in to the Walt Disney World Resort and Disneyland Resort themed lands, and more!

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  1. Sci Fi Early 2000's Guy says

    am i the only one who sees a slight resemblance to mark hamill and elijah wood?

  2. Frank Sanchez says

    "LOTR was huge but star wars is so much more significant" Elijah chill homie. LOTR is up there with star wars in almost every way

  3. Merribelle Wharton says

    Only here for Elijah Wood hahaah 😂

  4. Todd says


  5. Kim Garian says

    This video kind of underwhelmed me, but it was fun watching that interview. I'm just hoping Rucklin comes back in Season 2. 😆

  6. solidaz80 says

    Peter Mayhew – The Original Chewie…why no Original Boba Fett – The best, one and only Jeremy Bulloch?….annoying porgs…get ewoks instead…so much the lesser of 2 evils

  7. MICO XD says

    Legitimately I use this show for actual star wars news.

  8. One_Blaster says


  9. Jack Kenny says

    cringe fest

  10. John Boehm says

    Stone Jackson in Beat It – Michael Jackson – 1982

  11. Eric Hansen says


  12. Glen Espin says

    I can't wait for Episode 9 to fail

  13. E Productions says

    Glad the shows back! I will say though I think it was a terrible decision not to include characters or locations from the films in Galaxy's Edge. You can't create a park with a bunch of new characters and locations then expect them to be loved. They've done it completely backwards, you have to build up the lore through books, films, comic books, and cartoons, THEN commercialize and profit off it. You can't make a commercial hotel and theme park first then try to release books about it and expect people to pay lots of money to come see it. "Ooo a book about a hotel, how exciting!" said no one ever.

  14. 001skm says

    if only I could attend SW Celebration 🙁

  15. Alejandro Escajeda Romero says

    Battlefield V Karol Sevilla Resident Evil vendetta XD Disney

  16. Treverbeast454 says

    I am most excited for The Clone Wars Season 7 because The Clone Wars is a phenomenal show and never should have been cancelled in the first place. Can't believe you left out TCW when naming upcoming projects for this year.

  17. Oliver Throne says

    Yo, is it pronounced @@ or AYE-Tee-AYE-TEE??? Let’s solve this

  18. AbsolX Guardian says

    To answer the what makes star wars special question for me, it was all the books. The movies were ok for me, but all the amazing characters and stories you could find in the margins drew me in. With more gray morality, less plot armor, and less traditional heroes journeys, I feel in love.

  19. Caleb Rossow says

    All these celebs oh and Dee Bradley Baker, oh just a small side actor

  20. Uchida Oginome says

    The hosts get just a bit more sarcastic each season. I love it.

  21. Jim Smith says

    Andi's hair is awful. I shouldn't say that but it's true.

  22. Vanessa Doering says

    You should make a film only about sith lords such as darth revan and plagus

  23. Leonardo Corsi Paulo says

    I'm really looking foward Star Wars: The Clone Wars Season 7!! Any news about it?? #starwars2019

  24. Anshuman Sen says

    What happened to Shadow of Vader Miniseries?

  25. Nic Dennis says

    "forget Mark Hamill"? Nope, nope, nope

  26. Martin Alvarez says

    The music scores are timesless

  27. Martin Alvarez says

    We have been left out. We need a big Star Wars event hosted in NYC like NYC COMMIC CON at the Jacob Javits Center!!!

  28. Meridith Dixon says

    Star Wars resistance needs too die

  29. tkdspirit76 says

    Great interview with Elijah! Love him!

  30. Waylon Marrs says

    Wayne’s World Exit. Perfect.

  31. John M. Gonzalez says

    When the Star Wars show mentions everything coming this year but CLONE WARS. In all honesty though, this is the year for Star Wars fans and I am just so happy about it

  32. Vaughn of the Earth says

    Hey been watchin your channel for long time. Would love your input on why Hollywood scifi films continue to use fossel fueled ships and use engine noise in space? I mean we've supposedly had anti-gravitics since 1953 within our own dark government, yet Hollywood continues to spew and flaunt our intelligence with ships with fossil fueled rocket engines that make a big roar in space. Yes, warp drive is a unique and wonderful exception beyond fossil fuels, but Star Wars and many other films still flaunt our intellects.

  33. jedi on board says

    Welcome back,,,,, what the world wants is a title for ep 9 and a teaser trailer,,, WHEN ,!!!!!!!????????

  34. Luis Villasenor says

    Hehe Chicago

  35. British Belos says

    Get to the choppa

  36. British Belos says


  37. King-of-the-WC says

    Waneer is het starwars9?

  38. SXD says

    Finally a new episode!

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