Enable Travel || Alim Chandani – Rishikesh, India


When worries of disability are out of your way, nothing stops the holy city of Rishikesh from being the perfect camping destination! Enable Travel had the chance to plan an all accessible camping experience for Alim Chandani along with 34 students of the Centum-GRO Initiative. We ensured the group explored the city at its spiritual and adventurous best.

Alim Chandani is our travel expert who recently moved back to India. With an aim to empower the deaf community in the country, he’s striving to set up an entrepreneurship model. To spark job opportunities for the deaf population in order boost their confidence and drive their self-esteem as deaf individuals.

The Rishikesh experience is now enable for you too! Should you wish to plan an accessible travel to Rishikesh visit: www.enabletravel.com or call us on: 1800 266 8002

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