England v USA – FIFA Women’s World Cup France 2019™


USA advanced to the Final of the FIFA Women’s World Cup France 2019™ after their victory against England.

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  1. Syed Syed says

    Lol men football are better

  2. Malcolm Maze says

    What's up with the Ellen's celebration gesture?

  3. Ricardo de Oliveira says

    How can you give a penalty like that?

  4. Adonis Top of Men says

    great …….

  5. Bernardo Luz says

    q legal

  6. Mizane Zooft says

    Basically this is a British vs British ?

  7. Junayed Ahmed says

    USA?? kicked on the back side of their father Nation England??

  8. Ava_5225 says

    England didn't even try we gave them so many chances and they still cant tie it up that is how bad they are ?

  9. Archita Mitra says

    Did Tony Duggan played in this match?

  10. Hana Tanaki says

    Fifa women: usa>Germany>brazil=switden=norway=japan=France =england=…… ?

  11. Anish Tuladhar says

    Can anyone explain to me why that foul that resulted in the penalty isn't a red card? Clearly Ellen White was denied a goal scoring opportunity.

  12. BrayPlays 7 says

    1:52;that wasn’t even a yellow

  13. BrayPlays 7 says

    Why put a centre back on and 80+ minute penalty

  14. Itzmariano 77 says

    England could of won 4-2 if they didn’t miss those 2 close chances and if the var didn’t exist

  15. charles stuart says

    You want to be a World Cup Champs – you need a locked down penalty taker which England didn't have but the US did.

  16. Blu FN says

    Americas women team is better than the mens one ?

  17. laura orjuela says

    queen love of my life

  18. mc monkey roblox says

    White and her binoculars?

  19. Mampuia K47 says

    Ellen white wasn't offfside

  20. KIM JONG UN -supreme leader says

    Is this the team that lost to 15 year old boys???

  21. Kusuma Mysore says

    When Alyssa Naeher made that save, I literally fell off my chair ?

  22. chad johnson says

    I had to watch that 2nd goal in slow motion. White was offside, but we are talking a few inches. This one could easily have gone the other way.

  23. Bagaskoro Bagus Sambodo says

    Soccer beats Football

  24. Diego Juárez says

    0:37 Alex Morgan tea sippin’ celebration is one of best moments of that World Cup.

  25. Jay Nam says

    Let’s go England!!!!!!!!!!

  26. jdej says

    1:39 is it just me or all the players make contact with the ball so official they make hands?

  27. Caleb Richardson says

    i can only imagine

  28. jim ross says


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