EPIC CASTLE SIEGE in this Fortress Base Defense game! – Becastled


EPIC CASTLE SIEGE in this Fortress Base Defense game! – Becastled
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  1. No Way says

    I’m guessing it’s not on ps4 and Xbox then

  2. ŔÉX says

    Can't wait for baron to post more of this

  3. Tajakstan Mapping says

    I love watching becastled! please make more 😀

  4. Sencer Yılmaz says


  5. Sweney says

    Ive been playing this after watching this video and i liked it.
    It is a bit short but hey it is a demo.
    I really hope they are going to expand this game more when it comes to upgrading certain buildings to stone leveling them op perks etc etc.

  6. Frostbite says

    Was anyone thinking of northgard???

  7. Merlijn Rijsdam says

    I want more ove dis

  8. Ethan playz says


  9. Blanc Ciarga says

    wow new subscribe here

  10. IRONBryce says

    Yo. Do you know how to place a windmill down? or it still working on it

  11. ryan Ryan says

    Dose it take a powerful pc… 🙁

  12. Blue Mammoth Gaming says

    I don’t know how to get steam😢

  13. Conan O'Brien says

    Hopefully this come to mobile

  14. Nathan Azaiah Martin says

    doo face cam

  15. Sergio Martinez says

    God this guy is so oblivious to the game. he's too busy jabbering.

  16. Christopher Dominguez says

    play more

  17. Joaquin Santos says

    yes i miss kingdoms and castles

  18. Retteann De leon says

    I like the series plss

  19. DanoBro says

    is it windows

  20. Norah Rose says

    formata but infenet soldier

  21. Yandere_ Kun says

    From Besiege to Becastled.

  22. sdsds dsds says

    for some reasons this game reminds me of Northgard

  23. eleanor manongdo says

    baron you made a star that mean that peruion

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