Every Shea Couleé #AllStars5 Runway Look | RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars


Relive every runway walk of the All Stars 5 winner, Shea Couleé!

#VH1 #DragRace #AllStars

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  1. RuPaul's Drag Race says

    Now we've got EVERY Shea #AllStars5 runway look! ?Condragulations to our reigning queen!

  2. Bladimir Rojas says

    I hope RuPaul saying doesn't messed up like the Ellen. Gross

  3. Bladimir Rojas says

    Shea coule so much flawless. I love you

  4. virgo says

    i still think shea should’ve entered the werk room last because imagine the queens being so confident until shea walks in… i can only imagine

  5. Amanda Greigg says

    Where 's the gorgeous red dress from the comedy challenge!

  6. James Bérry says

    the single baddest bitch in drag race historyyyy

  7. Isaac Berjan Gonzales says

    The Humble Queen?❤️

  8. jamie noir says

    I saw Shee Coulee up close in Chicago a few yrs ago. She is beyond fine.

  9. Liz Haley says

    I'm sure your dad is so proud of you Shea!!

  10. Shane Tallon says

    I was rooting for shea since the beginning. So glad she won

  11. Nevaeh Jones says

    We all know that is a boy

  12. sevencero says

    She deserves it ALL !

  13. idk says

    My mom told me I fainted 'cause her Love The Skin You're In outfit was EVERYTHING!

  14. Britney Sparkles says

    make one with derrick barry ?

  15. Ms Shiny says

    Entrance: TootSkin: Shoot.Three in One: BootCamouflage: Toot.Prom: TootBall: 1) Boot. 2) Toot.Freak: BootFinale: Toot.Win: Shoot.

  16. lamoskgr Moskow says

    I'm crying ♥️

  17. Fundiswa Douw says

    The Balenciaga goes down as the best gown on Rupaul's Drag Race!!!!! Queen!!! ??

  18. Keon Mackenzie says

    I believe in Shea Coulee supremacy

  19. Felipe Firens says

    There is no make up tutorial of the all star girls?? I NEEED

  20. BRANDON ALI says

    Who’s unliking this video?!

  21. Andrew R says

    Season 9 runways and performance were stronger. But I blame this season's production for giving shitty runway categories and challenges. No one could shine in this season because it was awful

  22. Luiz Carlos says


  23. Kiko Nuestro says

    Gigi is waving

  24. Lucas Cupp says

    When it got down to the finale, I had no clue who was gonna win! They all worked so hard and they all wanted it SO much. But Shea definitely deserves it and I’m proud of her and so is her dad. ?(RIP)?

  25. Valsus says

    She’s an icon, she’s the moment, she’s a legend

  26. carlos tello says

    Al fin se hizo justicia!!! Ella debió ganar la temporada 8

  27. Lazy fishy -3- says

    Dude when she won I said ‘FINALLY’

  28. emilio rubio says

    Goddess of Excellence!

  29. Noel dela Torre says

    Well deserved.

  30. Bebe Nguyễn says

    She is so deserving of the crown!!! Ever since season 9 I was hoping Shea can have a chance to redeem herself, and now my favorites Shea and Sasha both crowned winners ????

  31. TM says


  32. Antonio Rossi says

    Gefeliciteerd ?

  33. Dyan Shane says

    I watched this show because it was lighthearted and fun. Now it is SOOO political and Ru forcing his views on everyone.Then trying to make a cult look normal. Between that and the commercial's, i don't even care if i see this show anymore. And i have watched since DAY 1! I have had it.

  34. Satin Perfume says

    Look two, Does anyone remember Jazmine Masters. The butterfly from the cocoon with the hula hoop. This one is executed better though. ?

  35. oscaxr says

    My queen ?

  36. charles douglas says

    The right queen won. First of all Shea did not deserve to be in the bottom for that one challenge. Secondly some of the challenge wins were very close not slam dunks at all. Third shea’s overall track record including her season was phenomenal. Shea has the right humility and disposition to be the winner of all stars 5. Now let’s get shangela latrice royale Nina bonina brown Asia O’Hara and heidi n closet a crown

  37. Felipe Cordeiro says

    where is the look with a mask? oh, I forgot that she doesn't give a f to pandemics

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