1. Scott Golden says

    How did Glen Harris not bang up his radiator after losing the hood. I thought they put the radiator in the bed of the truck behind the cab because it was a safer place for it

  2. Michael Werbovetz says


  3. Henry Callahan says

    @KingCrusher13 i know this is a bit late for a response, but nowadays with LSORR i think they actually might sell out a stadium race in the Coliseum in LA. i miss seeing those races there. LSORR did run a race in a stadium along side Monster Jam in San Diego as an experiment to see how the crowd would react. They got a good reaction! looking hopefull for a stadium racing return!

  4. upon3 says

    American Cavalcade of Sports from Diamond P on The Nashville Network. Awesome.

    We used to tape record every episode, buggies, Superlites and all.

  5. Henry Callahan says

    steve, rod, and rhys. awesome.

  6. Slmjm884 says

    Totally agree with this guy.

  7. ZO6 says

    driving blind and then jumping to 2nd place was bad ass

  8. Gareth Dowling says

    politepolly – Are you not referring to Yousef Bachman?

  9. Fritz Ochs says

    this is MUCH better than Nascar! to bad it wen down the hill :'(

  10. kelli willmore says

    I went to these with my dad! He hated it and I loved it! Great video 🙂

  11. Iamwarthog says

    This particular round of the series was at the Orange Show Fairgrounds in San Bernardino Ca. 1985 as I recall.
    I was there, and it was great…still have my autographed Ivan Stewart poster.

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