1. FAZL M.A.H says

    Nice gelael

  2. Bonita Boys says


  3. Hamdan Ali says

    all i’ve gained from this is the main guy speaks too much and matt was silent

  4. szewei85 says

    Haha asian pride strong on podium steps😂🤣could have won if not 4 the radio error

  5. Scuba Gaming says


  6. AV1ch says

    How much more satisfactory it is to hear this calm commentator than the extra-excited-over-nothing psycho from f1.

  7. GURMAN Mobile says

    Как же приятно осознавать то что Роберт русский пацан и так тащит в F2

  8. SweetLakes says

    The Viking is coming for you F1

  9. David Reyes says

    What a shot at 0:19 !

  10. Turkish Mapping [WTO] says

    OOF the Race started 1 Hour later then expected


    RIP tsunoda he always 1 gets a penalty 2 makes a mistake or 3 gets bad luck i feel bad i rooting for him

  12. PrimeTube says

    Please F1/F2 Make our dreams come true. Matty x Alex x Davide BEST Commentators!!!!!

  13. K.D Siregar says

    Perfect Sean Gelael , keep spirit……!! Regards from Indonesia

  14. Hilmi Maulana says

    I still support sean until sean joined in f1 do your best sean!

  15. BlueFlag Alpha says

    Tsunoda shouldve won the race

  16. Chloé says

    i am so rpoud of you Robi <3 This one is for your Dad <3 !

  17. Makarand Madhavi says

    I'm dissaponted that burning brake discs weren't featured

  18. ScuseMeSir says

    Is it just me or do these bigger rims make the cars look so cool

  19. troy hemmersmeier says

    Can you make a team on team worst crashes

  20. Lazz the Wolf says

    If you look closely you can see landobot driving that trophy 🏆 box

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