1. Scout says

    1:36 Gabriel's face reveal

  2. Sean says

    I'm blind as f*** and this is hilarious. Yes, it does not accurately portray the blind Community but I am not offended. This is freaking hilarious. Thank you for this I had a really good laugh

  3. SlyHikari03 says

    “Where are you finding these obese cows?”

  4. Lucy Vega says

    No secondary colors allowed

  5. Bella Fenneko says

    0:50 and 0:39 was actually Papi from Popee the Performer

  6. 안녕 Jai K • 18 years ago says

    Lady Gaga’s designer

  7. VideoGAG says

    This character has so many layers
    -Blind jokes
    -German jokes
    -Fashion designer jokes
    Such a funny and good character

  8. [REDACTED] says

    As a blind person i approve!

  9. Chico DePuertoRico says

    I just have one question: How are Damien and Dorian brothers?

  10. alorizia says

    chase me everybody!
    *runs into boxes*

  11. Seb 713 says

    secondary colours in spring?

  12. The 3 Amigos says

    When Jurgen put that advert on did anyone else run into their front room and try to find it on the tv?

  13. Bunny Hop says

    I must say your German words are pretty good From all the videos I have seen
    Ps :I have German as my mother language

  14. Love APHUkeFrance says

    But I can definitely see APH Prussia doing this when he’s drunk and APH Germany disappointed in him.

    APH America is everyone else and he changes his skin tone whenever he wants to play a different coloured character. Since he is America and America has no official language nor coloured race, he can speak all languages and be literally any race he knows; basically anyone. *THIS IS A HEADCANON, AND NOT MEANT TO BE OFFENSIVE, I AM SORRY IF IT IS, IT’S NOT MEANT TO BE*

  15. That_One_Emo says

    'I can't feel what you're saying.'

  16. Hyena Hearts says

    iron fist is an actual company btw

  17. Yeeto Burrito says

    "I seem to have found a little bitch"
    "Oh dear, i seem to have spotted a cunt. Good day"
    Goddamit brandon give us the third installment

  18. Anna Hughes says

    He kinda reminds me of king Julian from Madagascar.

  19. Pug Man says

    Hitler be like 2:36

  20. Blubasnurk says

    me when i find an anti masker: 0:39

  21. shoprite freightliner says

    I've found a little bitch

  22. Mr Nuggs says

    Why is his iron fist ad good

  23. fornne says

    wait until the blind people see this

  24. Violet McPickels Arbulu says
  25. Flora Zavala says

    0:320:33 Me walking through the hallways when I was in High School 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  26. Small and Shy says

    just marking it for personal purposes

  27. Tank Dempsey says

    The funny part is that he know he's about to run in to the object

  28. Saxton Hale says

    "Zhere's Too Many Ugly People."

  29. Ella Bione says

    ‘Oopshi daisy I seem to have fucked mineself’😂

  30. xue wei says

    1:34 lol

  31. rae says

    random wordszx:

    is the guy alright
    there's too many ugly people
    chase me everybody
    ze men's bathroom is on the second floor
    ellen degeneres
    make em feel good about it
    calcium deficiency

  32. Cathy Caballero says

    “Iron clothing, lets get fisted

  33. ghulam237 says

    "I can't feel what you're saying"

  34. KeyGuardian says

    I adore this character and many other lol

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