Filmmakers: Behind the Scenes with Martin Scorsese | Goodfellas | Warner Bros. Entertainment


Join host Sean O’Connell, Managing Director of Cinemablend and cohost of the ReelBlend podcast for a double feature of behind the scenes #Goodfellas documentaries: “Getting Made: The Making of Goodfellas” and “Made Men: The Goodfellas Legacy”. Follow the hashtag #WBFilmmakers on Twitter and join all the Cinemablend hosts to discuss this iconic gangster film. #MartinScorsese

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Filmmakers: Behind the Scenes with Martin Scorsese | Warner Bros. Entertainment

  1. Nathan Pollock says

    Great documentary. I love the insight into Scorsese's process. Thanks to Steve & John at the Cine-files for recommending this.

  2. Valerie Yoder says

    Thank you Cine-Files podcast for recommending this series!

  3. Purple Mojito says

    Ray Liotta gave an outstanding performance in this movie. He should have won an Oscar.

  4. Ryan Hochstatter says

    The Cine-Files podcast brought me here!

  5. Allie Cakir says

    WB 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🗽

  6. Onyx Austin says

    Do you think me and your company can do something

  7. reaperjk says

    The Cine- Files brought me here

  8. kylie reeder says

    doctor: “you have 32 minutes and 24 seconds left to live” me:

  9. MANGA ART says

    30:00Just imagine having to witness that. People walking out of a movie u put ur blood sweat and tears into making. Well, it's great that people still liked it, and to this day too

  10. MANGA ART says

    Goodfellas is a masterpiece in every sense of the word

  11. Matthew Correa says

    The Cine-Files brought me here

  12. Hollywood Land says

    I wanna b like u

  13. Archibald Haddock says

    My all-time favorite movie, period. I saw it like 100 times, no kidding.

  14. Elliepopcorn says

    CINEMA king!

  15. Aaditya Bhattacharya says

    Cine-files brought me here

  16. corey1386 says

    Thank for supporting the @cine_files and I really enjoyed this behind the scenes look a goodfellas

  17. Delight Loves Movies says

    I love Martin Scorsese and his films.

  18. Shegg says

    Scorsese laughing made me tear up…dude is so passionate

  19. Alejandro Santiago says

    Martin Scorsese an absolute legend ❤️

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