Flight Simulator Advanced [iOS & Android]


Android :

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• Feel what it’s like flying inside the cockpit of a real aircraft, by simply using your smartphone.
• Interact with HD cockpit buttons, switches and levers.
• Push-back, taxi to runway, take-off, fly, land.
• Fly above photorealistic terrain.

  1. Jonathan001 says


  2. Hassan Ab says


  3. Alex Kessler 8a says

    Niceeeeee add thx creator

  4. les chantiers varois says

    We need world map

  5. Abu Muda says

    Muhammad faisal

  6. Rednex The Fox says

    It's funny when Swiss001 label this game as worst flight simulator on mobile but actually it is true!

    Unity graphics out there – Almost same as Unreal Engine
    Unity graphics in mobile – DISGUSTANG!!!

  7. usuario cuidadosant says

    For me this is the best flight simulator of mobile!

  8. Melanie Anicete says

    Hey, it's not available for android 6.0 and below

  9. Fnaf Rocks says

    How do you extend the landing gear

  10. Fnaf Rocks says

    How do I extend the landing gear

  11. Beta Dev says

    Its not compatible with my J2 Prime Version

  12. Taylor Macken says

    PanosDrak Studio I want to try the new update but does it support Android 8.0 Oreo for version of this game 1.7.9?

  13. Donut’s Aviation says

    This game is actually good Well done on making this 👍

  14. Epic Gaming Lance Pro 84 says

    How can I download this thing? It is no longer available on Google Play Store. But this worked on my phone I think 5 months ago but no longer compatible. Check my Software down here👇:

    Android Version: 5.1.1
    Phone: Samsung J3 2016

  15. NoLag GT says

    Nice new update i really love it keep improving 😉

  16. Serge says

    Can you add new camera angles and Please Can you add a spirit a320 plane please this is my dream

  17. NoLag GT says

    Hello, can you explain what’s new with this update and why it request internet to play?

  18. NoLag GT says

    Cmon tell us that your working on update

  19. oof 2356 says

    Buen juego proo

  20. amsaowalak1212 says


  21. A320–200 Neo says

    My game wouldn't load
    How to fix it

  22. NoLag GT says

    One of the best games i played, good luck continue improving the game ;), btw please keep us updated with the new futures coming to the game.

  23. 98RJKL 98 says

    Nice bro i play this game everyday but there is a bug that whenever i look at the terminal building it lags but i get maximum fps everytime!but whenever i don't have the terminal in site it runs smoothly! Fix the bug please! I rate the game 9/10

  24. Alex says

    Why isn't my device compatible with the game? I updated my Android and still can't download it. What Android version can I play the game?

  25. Glenn Declaro says

    How to control the plane i have like that in my iphone

  26. ShadowRaptor 42 says

    It's not compatible with my device android 4.4.2

  27. Wetheryy says

    I try this game and a love it 😍😍😀

  28. iiG Stylle Gameplay says

    Tem o download desse simulator

  29. Poi Pol says

    Why its not available in playstore or app store (-.-)

  30. MAIK B says

    Whats the name of the game

  31. XD says

    Will u need vr for it

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