FM21 Manchester United – Episode 11: Money Hungry | Football Manager 2021 Let's Play


Some Manchester United players in Football Manager 2021 think they’re worth far more than they are…
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FM21 Manchester United – Episode 11: Money Hungry | Football Manager 2021 Let’s Play
FM21 Manchester United – Episode 11: Money Hungry | Football Manager 2021 Let’s Play
FM21 Manchester United – Episode 11: Money Hungry | Football Manager 2021 Let’s Play

  1. Tom Shaw says

    Can anyone tell me the best camera settings to use in fm

  2. Mohsinhooo __ says

    Drop me ur tactics please ?

  3. Roland Bos says

    Can't wait for the next episode, european finals are always exciting! Still gutted i couldnt get further than the semi's in my series. Keep doing amazing work!

  4. Chalen Jack says

    14:00 Barca played Zouma as a Deep Lying Forward in the super cup final and he scored the winn8ng goal in extra time. I hate zouma now

  5. Jack Rhys Smith says

    Michael O'Neill replaced Pep at City on my FM20 save!

  6. Dean Williams says

    0:43 there should always be a 'C' next to Man U and it wouldn't stand for champions, that's for sure 😁

  7. Ishaq Jaafar says

    This seems to be a reoccurring theme and this question needs to be raised. It seems like Jack sends a goon to attack a team best player before a live com. E.g sallah, mane, bobby and now son. Seriously Jack

  8. Johan says

    This game needs fixing. Goalkeepers to easy to beat and defenders needs to improve.

  9. Isaac Opeyemi says

    Give AWB his money!!!

  10. Robert Sørensen says

    Bothers me how easy this is, more entertaining to see you struggling

  11. Future Drive Games says

    What's wrong with £170,000 for Wan Bissaka? You have Slabhead on £190,000. His agent is asking based on his form, ability, and relative to other players' wages. Namely, the CB stood next to him most matchdays. It's fairly reasonable. Talk him down to 150 and take the L.

  12. Fahim Haque says

    will you sign schoolboy Kumwende for next season?

  13. Wonyoung Kang says

    As a Tottenham fan, I hope they patch the team for the actual release 😭😭

  14. Carl Anakwa says

    Tottenham got relegated in my save

  15. Joe Gorman says

    "he looks really good for being 14"…….. and you are now on a list

  16. Charlie Robins says

    Rudiger= Roood-e-ger not Rud-e-ger

  17. Bouke Mink says

    Didn't you give Pogba the new contract with the bonuses?? hahaha

  18. King Ethan says

    Really minor thing but Mosuh having the shirt number 7 feels wrong

  19. OC B says

    Rashford is a big game player

  20. The Pirate Princess says

    I'm actually training Greenwood to play Raumdeuter in my man utd save. I think he's got the core attributes to really make it work.

  21. James Westwell says

    Sign Kane

  22. Nathan Johnson says

    Iv been playing mctominay at cb for last 2 years lol. Glad someone agrees with my judgement

  23. Tris Outlaw says

    You’ve done remarkably well. On my united save I won the league but that was it and spurs got relegated 20th with 26 points! I bought Kane over the summer

  24. Kieran Winfield says

    Martial with 33…
    I’m in February and Immobile has 55 goals in all comps.. 38 appearances 🤣

  25. kennysteen says

    Loved the random cartwheel in the cup winning cut scene!

  26. Mohamad Antar says

    Plz change Sancho's kit number!!

  27. Joshua Maunder says

    Martial with 33 goals …

    In my save Nicolas Pepe has 35 and I've just got into April.

    Hella realistic this game 🤣🤣

  28. abdullah hussian says

    Maybe look to get Ndidi in, he's a beast

  29. Ryan Liggett says

    The one think let's mctominay down for centre half is the marking, other than that he looks good. Possibly could do with higher decisions

  30. Mark Caton says

    FYI Gio Reyna doesn't go by Giovanni, he just goes by Gio.

  31. Ryan Liggett says

    Michael O'Neill is a fantastic manager. Done a brilliant job with Northern Ireland. Big loss for us.

  32. Robert Crawford says

    Utd winning the league and FA Cup, and in the CL final in 2020/21 ……… won't happen even if COVID19 takes down all others teams 🙂

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