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  1. Awkward Puppets says

    Like this video if you aren't a vegan.

  2. Yusuf hussein says

    Diego: How bout a drink?

    Server: How about a gluten-free, fat-free water?

  3. Cody Rock says

    Diego: "I tried meditation once and fell asleep for 3 days".

  4. Anza Forbes says

    “Do you hate happiness?” This sent me flying 😭😭

  5. MusicaMan says

    I 100% feel Diego’s pain, but this poor man needs help.

  6. GameDox 20 says

    Can you guys survive a day without quoting the video?

  7. pida siouy says

    Quote of the day…”I don’t care about the planet when I’m hungry”😂😂Thank you Diego! Edit: I had a crap day today so thank you to everyone who liked this I’m very great full!🙏

  8. † · Łonεly · † says

    "what's the point of paying someone to tell you shit you already know"

  9. S G says

    It sounds depressing lmaoooo

  10. vc sus says

    ur black

  11. Elijah Tchilembe-Mpovie says

    I feel like Diego right now 😂

  12. EkonTruth says

    I’m vegan Nd that shit sounded delicious 😋

  13. joseph esam says

    sound depressing

  14. julia says

    that girl is me and diego is all my friends

  15. Bobby Jones says

    This food truck should be burned.

  16. Valentina Gonzaga Mite says

    I LOVE ur videosssssss

  17. Kylo Ren says

    Bro you need to do a Collab with SML

  18. Max Vaquero says

    Diego so it’s salad wrapped in salad with a side of salad.
    Me why is this food truck a thing?

  19. Diego Gutiérrez says

    Someone: Comments any random line from the sketch.


  20. laskin riubn says

    He talks like rudy mancuso,if am not the one whose hearing things😂😂😂😂

  21. cristian umana says

    as a therapist, I am offended by Diego's comment. JK. I love Diego.

  22. Sheila M says

    Diego walks to a meat stand: can I have a vegan hamburger?

  23. Miad Tazike says

    Real problem. These leftwing liberal are dictators

  24. AashhOfficial says

    Listen lady, I don't care about the planet when I'm hungry XD

  25. TheSleepy G_C says

    woman sells vegetable foods only in an ice cream truck

    (my cousin has that toy truck)

  26. Jaxon Harley says

    Diego is so funny

  27. ΕΤ says

    El mejor Diego despues de Diego Maradona … g e n i a l !!!

  28. Joshua Restrepo says

    Diego:so its a salad rapped in a salad with a side of salad
    Vegan girl: thats a good choice i would choose that one

  29. Imbored says

    Diego: Do you hate happiness

  30. Sean Patrick says

    Do you hate happiness

  31. Nazanin Nilofarin says

    Haaaahaaaaahaaaaaaa myyyyy God!!!!I love it!!!😂😂😂😂😂😂

  32. Harrison says

    I hate vegans that force it

  33. You know who says


  34. Bruno says

    It sounds depressing!

  35. vmarroking says

    Diego is my spirit animal!

  36. OrochiCr says

    Liberals… they even want to change the way you eat. They are more close to religious zealots than they think.

  37. ZX GALAXY says

    Diego: "Look, lady! I don't care about the planet when I'm hungry."


  38. Sana says

    Do you hate happiness? 😂

  39. olakunle olabayo says

    Do you hate happiness ? 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  40. ___johnie says

    He talks like rudy mancuso,if am not the one whose hearing things😂😂😂😂

  41. Kennaly Car says

    who likes Diego


  42. JayeBird says

    Make that two, to GO!

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