Food waste: How much food do supermarkets throw away? (CBC Marketplace)


David Common goes dumpster-diving at Walmart to reveal how big grocery stores throw good food into dumpsters, part of a $31 billion a year problem in Canada.
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  1. Ab says

    Oh God… 😪how can I collect this and supply in some poor villages in Africa ¿???Truely I want to do it

  2. Georges Karkafi says

    Why they lower the food prices?


    Imagine take some poison food from the trash bins. Didn't like this video at all.

  4. John Smith says

    The grocery store near me sells deli food for 5 to 6$ a pound, they throw away 90% of it

  5. Mae Shawky says


  6. Mae Shawky says

    Bs of 💲

  7. Mae Shawky says

    Poor: usa is mean

  8. Mae Shawky says

    The Poor: ok then; 🇺🇸

  9. Mae Shawky says

    The Poor: waaaaaah no fooood 🇨🇦 is meanThe Rich (or usa):canada keep it up Canadian Peoples: no food for the poor-i feel so baaad

  10. Mae Shawky says


  11. craig hamilton says

    He got fired.

  12. Hannah Batt-Rawden says

    I often buy VERY soft/bruised bananas that are normally wrapped in at least two bags to stop the mush dripping everywhere. They look revolting but are perfect if you peel and mash up the bruised flesh then put it in the freezer for Banana bread! Our supermarkets put items close to use by or overstock in the “reduced section” where you can grab bargains like ten mushy bananas for 13p (£0.13) it really helps to reduce food waste as often people prefer to buy the cheaper items that they wouldn’t normally! Also we have a community fridge where lots of the local supermarkets give excess produce (mostly fresh) to and the food banks can get the cans. Although, I haven’t looked in the bins recently so I might be falsely informed about how well my area is actually doing – I would love to have a law like France passed on waste!

  13. FishPlays says

    Is this journalism? Is this what they do and investigate? Are the people in this show journalists?

  14. Conroy Hyman says

    In the USA they do it alot

  15. Conroy Hyman says

    Target and other store do it

  16. Sal Inappropriate says


  17. Anindhita kirana isa says

    I love that swan :):) 8:54

  18. Gee MeeL says

    eeeuwww, I cant believe you did that.. woman says… ??? whole item is about perfect trown away food! pffff

  19. jeancy lefuni says

    If I find food in the garbage bins I’m taking those I’m not gonna do grocery that’s it

  20. Jason T. Dang says

    Liked the fact that the Minister of Agriculture accepted to get interviewed to face the questions, other Ministers just asked their Press Secretary to do it for them, honesty is missing.

  21. Rebekah Duvall says

    So they were throwing away food after the checkout line? I would have a problem with that. I hope they did the right thing and reimbursed them. Especially the tomatoes, he said he was going to eat them.

  22. Rebekah Duvall says

    A lot of the stuff in the opening scene is supposed to be kept cold. There could have been a lot of things that were moved from a fridge/freezer section and left in another department like clothing. I see it all the time in America.

  23. michael martin says

    hate to tell you all this. but four years later nothing has changed. so good job on the store but what do you think of the out come?

  24. Tiger says

    Apparently The government is not doing much after four years, just report, no teeth. You could tell the Agri. minister interviewed is a typical politician, full of crap.

  25. Donna Thomas says

    All the stores should give it away to food banks or our places or church places that that can give them away or cook for homeless , I can’t remember what places in states they have a food bank almost set up like Walmart but it’s all free they go there pick what they need it was food that they used throw away

  26. avelina gonzo says

    So many people going hungry and they throw away all that groceries. Why not donate it to the homeless. People around the world going hungry and here we are throwing food away.

  27. Thomas Horsman says

    It’s when customers take things out of the fridge or freezer and leave it it can’t go back in and needs to be disposed

  28. RPG G says

    The answer is quite obvious, isn't it? if they continue to give away perishable and non-perishable items then who would buy them from the store? it's all about profit.

  29. Nad Jones says

    well u have lunch then, what is the problem then.

  30. Jack says

    They're not even recycling the packaging.

  31. Reina Rivera says

    oh my god, capitalism is a disease! i can’t believe companies would rather throw food away instead of donating to people who are starving

  32. Marijana Majic Renjo says

    First of all, you shouldn't allow people to return bought food into the store when they change their mind.And then everything else.

  33. Avishek Saini says

    Lies, lies and more lies. That's all Walmart and all these other billion dollar corporations sell.

  34. Joana Borges says

    Before the 2008 economic crisis, in my country, this happened a lot! After my country went into economic decline (after 2008, in 2012/2013 particularly), the supermarkets started donating a lot of these products to charities and poor people.

  35. Don Mega says

    15:00 Does it sound like the French were tough on the groceries mandating there to not be food waste? Not so fast, cos looks like they also made the tax payers pay for it as they did give the companies tax breaks on top of it. If it's a law they'll better obey it and no damn tax breaks need to be given!

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