Foods Only The Rich Can Afford


Have you ever wondered what the most expensive foods in the world are? Lets take a look at extremely expensive foods from around the world!
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  1. BE AMAZED says

    Would you pay full price for any of these?

  2. diane sturlin says

    Actually this is the first time I'm grateful for being a broke ass b****. Oh my God do people really put that stuff in their mouth and swallow it???

  3. antonvangrendel says

    Whoever writes these has a tenuous grasp on the English language.

  4. Ldmg says

    I just realised the black rooster that I chase everyday in my grandma's house is worth more than my phone lol 😂

  5. leo says

    how can they tell if its a bird spit and not a spit of a random person

  6. SpeedZone1 J says

    good stuff

  7. Sir Sir says

    Most of these foods aren't even good. They are just hard to get.

  8. Lance Andrei says

    Kobe beef the hek?

  9. Mushu says

    I have been reading about bird nest soup in so many novels, and I just could not comprehend what exactly it was, why it was so valuable and how exactly they came up with the fact that it's healthy for you, like 100 year old ginseng. Then there is jade, how high-quality jade is good for your health…. I have no idea what Ivory from the elephants is good for, but damn… they have a ton of weird valuable things that nobody else cares about.

  10. arianefr78 says

    It's sickening to think that the rich are so rich that they can waste money on outrageously priced foods when there are so many people that can barely afford to have the basic minimum…

  11. Garrett Little says

    Those black black chickens I have 30 of them just by fighting chickens along time ago and finally got my dream bird. It's a great accomplishment

  12. Winux Worx says

    I just realized the 3rd world country like Philippines, oysters and caviar is eaten by the poorest people who just live in the streets and work as fishermen. They have so many of these they sell it in a bucket for few pesos.

  13. Rahmat Hidayat says

    I have 2 black chicken in my backyard and I don't wanna eat it

  14. bubble_ teaa says

    why thing no one can afford youtube premium

  15. Indromadus Zerox says

    Someone Suggest MrBeast these

  16. Youtube Comments says

    I’m amazed at the misinformation of this video. Birds nest can be had for couple hundred

  17. Yellowroo says

    nah that's just the people Flea Bitten attacked

  18. Anime TV says

    😕 malaysia? No. Welcome to Sabah.

  19. gong san says

    Why am I seeing black co- I mean rooster?

  20. Nika Austin says

    9:11 Sure, cofee shitted out from a rat. Yum…

  21. this guy I think says

    What black chicken is expensive thought it was for like 5 dollars

  22. kai weng says

    ive eaten mst of these and im not even rich

  23. gujju manusree says

    3:29 is known as Kadaknath chicken found in India

  24. Grigoris Grigoropoulos says

    man I am not a vegan but taking an animals eggs to eat them even though they are only a couple of thousands is just bizzare and stupid

  25. Joanna Martin says

    How do you "slaughter" humanely???

  26. Kuro Sensei says

    I just cant the way he says ayam and like just say luwak coffee its like saying coffee luwak coffee its just weird :/

  27. Terry Bogard says

    it sucks that only the richest people get to taste these things, but the reason for these absurd prices is that if prices were low it would quickly lead to the extinction of the sources since most them can't be reproduced or repopulated quckly enough for mass consumtion.

  28. Jiří Dobeš says

    shit coffee thats discusting.

  29. G Bros says


  30. Tori Shisora says

    You dont read cemani like the C is an S. Cemani (Che-mah-ni). Kopi means coffee in Indonesian. So you didnt have to say "kopi luwak coffee" lol. Just saying ofcEdit: typos

  31. Buk Lu Lu says

    i think i got like 3 of the black chickens in my backyard or maybe they're a different species? but they look like the the ones in the video? so am i sitting on a couple thousand dollars?!?!?!

  32. Brian Kontra says

    The kobe beef folk lore is a lie

  33. I WaTcH yOu sLEeP says

    How to make expensive food Step 1: get foodStep 2: put random sauceStep 3: sprinkle leaf pieces on it

  34. Nacmack VonStin says

    Shocker most of these are from China Cause apparently eating a birds nest will give me immortality

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