Football Manager 2020 | SPURS | #1 | FM20


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  1. Basque FM says

    Now Spurs was a bad choice, I was hoping for something a bit different, Cagliari?

  2. SamwiseATP says

    New here but love this first episode, hilarious stuff. Chelsea fan as well, but intrigued with where you go with this haha!

  3. Pablo Sanchez says


  4. Legi0n says

    Discovered your channel with this video, from SkinnFM's channel, awesome to see that there's so many awesome FM creators!

  5. MbKD says

    Get well andre gomez

  6. Matthew McMahon says

    “They’re already 1-0 up, well 2-1 up, they probably would’ve conceded first”, that killed me 😂

  7. The Fudges says

    James Maddison to replace Eriksen

  8. Stephen Mason says

    5:16 – 5:26'I wasn't cheating, I was just refamiliarizing myself with my ex-girlfriend.'

  9. Chiggsy says

    "I've always quite liked Spurs." –said no one ever

  10. Lucky Lewis says

    Maddison would be ideal. Dybala – dream Eriksen replacement

  11. danny dobson says

    I 100% loves this episode!! Laughed quite abit 😂😂 cant wait for all the others Go for james Maddison

  12. Steven Russell Haime says

    You are managing a dead team

  13. Jason cooper says

    Your so funny. Can you sign wonderkid Davies from bayern Munich

  14. TheEspressoCat says

    That intro is truly amazing. where the lucky ladder?

  15. Dylan Jones says

    Sign Grimaldo for left back, and Thomas Partey for DM

  16. Scatilicious says

    Spurs are a great team to manage. You start off with £35m in the bank and you HAVE to sell Erikson and Alderwierled, which brings in £100m plus. You can also sell Wanayama for around £20m. Make sure you wait for Alderwierled’s £25m release clause to end before offering him round. You then have to reinvent the spine of the team. Lo Celso is a good replacement for Erikson so you don’t have to sign anyone expensive immediately. I promoted Parrott and Skipp to the first team and spent all my money on the defence (RB and CB) and youth prospects.

  17. Brad says

    Get Mings in at the back

  18. Stefan Bäck says

    great to have you back Ben!

  19. David Evans says

    James Maddison would be a decent signing

  20. Ryan Liggett says

    Can get Maddison for 30m

  21. DHGG4877 says

    Yessssss! So happy that Benjys back! Very excited for the content this year!

  22. Tommy Darko says

    Sancho! Bought him for Spurs in FM 2019 for 36 mil with addons rising to 46. Might be worth more in 2020, not sure..

  23. Michael Odunga says

    By James Rordriguez or Paulo Dybala for that Eriksen option

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