Football Manager 2021 300 Years Later | FM21 in the FUTURE!


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It’s that time of year again – FM21 is out, and I’ve spent more time with it holidaying in to the future so I could make a Football Manager 2021 300 Years Later video than I have actually playing the game! If you like this kind of content, make sure you give it a thumbs up so I know to make more of it! And don’t panic, it won’t be in place of my usual videos!

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  1. The King Zlatan 91 says


  2. kenny vandevenne says

    i cant wait for 1000 years into the future

  3. Joseph Banks says

    Stockport county ⚪️🔵

  4. Kapten Rövskägg says

    I think Newcastle fans will be happy to see that Sunderland missed out on promotion once again; this time from National League North.

  5. Mitchell Balzan says

    Fair play to you making a career doing what you love, but you can hear every inch of your being die a little doing this simulation. Also any man who doesn’t import real badges etc is clearly doing it for a career.

  6. kasturi venkatesh says

    please upload the save file

  7. Football Stats says

    Poland won World Cup! 🙂

  8. Will Richardson says

    I wonder if the Premier Leagues fall from grace has anything to do with the new post Brexit Work Permit rules.

  9. Spanner JNR says

    Can you look at Eastleigh fc please

  10. ArTic VibeZ says

    Could you share the save publicly so we can all have a closer look ourselves?

  11. Matt Rogers says

    Kev next time you do this, can you see if anyone has broken any of the records like Man City's 100 point toal or Arsenal's unbeaten season

  12. Absent [Heivland] says

    I'd love to see a stadium that can hold 300000 people

  13. sean white says

    Kev. Maidstone are in Kent.

  14. Adam Rollins says

    Is there a download link to download this? I’d love to play it.

  15. Absent [Heivland] says

    That needs to be fixed
    28 leagues without the top 5 running away is wrong

  16. John Hardy says

    As a Sunderland fan i'm not that suprised 😅.

  17. Rachel Hughes says

    As a WBA faithful I just nodded 😂

  18. Peter Weer says

    Nice video

  19. Jim Williams says

    Kev look at STADIUMS. Who has the biggest in England/Europe? Do any teams still play in their real life stadium?

  20. Kiko O. says

    Go in more depth into Manchester United and why the dominance broke and go 200 years in the future

  21. PrestonKC007 says

    Excellent Simulation Sir. Can you share the save file with us, please?

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