Football Manager Tips For Beginners: 10 Things I Wish I Knew When I Started Playing.


Football Manager tips video in which i run through 10 of the most important things i wish I knew before i started playing the game back in 2013

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  1. Ross McRae says

    Extra Tips that I learnt:
    1. Have fun.
    1. Follow streamers and Youtubers. By watching you will learn so much. Matt's stream is nice and laid back and you can watch him tweak his tactics as he mentioned.
    2. Ask questions, if the host is too busy, there will be other viewers that will help you out.
    3. Have fun.
    3. If you get frustrated in a game, get up, have an angry sip of whatever beverage is available, and take a walk. Don't let the game get you down. It's number crunching and you cannot beat numbers and random generation.
    4. Additional to player releases, learn when other nations release theirs. Scotland's seasons end in May for example so there maybe players to jump on there.
    5. Oh, and I almost forgot….have fun.

  2. Paul Arnold says

    How about a tactical analysis video? Always interesting to see how you go about tweeking your tactics and what to look out for

  3. Why Why says

    When the full game is released, would it be possible to do a guide on the pre-game editor?

  4. Jackson Harris says

    I've been playing FM for about 7 years as well now, and I still watch all these "beginner tips" just to get different perspectives. I've completely rejigged my transfer and training methods at least 3 times just from watching you and Foxy

  5. Jermal Cromartie Presents says

    I wish these tips exist when I started playing back in 2009.

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