Last time out I managed to defeat MiniMinter at Football vs Fifa, but can I beat my older brother?
Seb’s channel:
Thanks to for being in the video! Who should I take on next?
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  1. Naseem Dehaibi says

    Seb's a carbon copy of paul anderson from the peaky blinders

  2. Lewis Stamford says

    2:18 just casually

  3. Dylan Carpenter says

    Seb really did the VAR before it existed lmao

  4. Afiq GamingXIX says

    who else is watching old bangers coz of quarantine

  5. Kyle Molloy says

    Who's watching this playlist in 2020?

  6. Harry Molander says

    4:08 Seb predicts VAR

  7. Elliot May-Hawkins says

    Seb predicted VAR lol

  8. Jack Craigie says


  9. Alfie Taylor says

    Seb went for a fist pump at the start 😂😂😂 2019 😂😂😂

  10. ___ says

    Why is he wearing a captains armband

  11. instincz downbeat says

    mk armyyyyyyyyy

  12. ___ says

    Ngl spencer needs to improve fashion, big sock and small sock and a captains armband?

  13. Emilio Flores Herrera says


  14. Evan1 says

    Seb predicted V A R

  15. Wade Lee says

    Unfair Spencer always play Fife web play on ps4

  16. Kristian Jaku says

    I kick with my left foot

  17. next says

    55 dele alli

  18. Rhys Hargreaves says

    don't make fun of seb

  19. Sumit Sharma says

    Sebby looks so tired

  20. Sumit Sharma says

    Terrible keeper

  21. Oskar Pilcher says

    seb on golf

  22. Oskar Pilcher says

    nice kits

  23. Jamie Lane says

    I know he does

  24. Suleman Ali says

    The keeper was rubbish😂

  25. BW8 ! says

    Benik Afobe Used to play at Huddersfield Used to play at Arsenal How do I know thisI support both clubs

  26. Hayley Betts says

    Play football vs Fifa with Lallana

  27. Eamonn Connolly says

    sebs wek foot ius good.

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