1. Kars54Gaming says

    Use Code – KARS54 🙂

    Discord – https://discord.com/invite/DxTH8x9

  2. Lemety says

    Not buying that ugly lobby music wtf.

  3. Nathaniel Crockett says


    Sounds kinda like the emote

  4. Angel Perales says

    can i have a one hour version of this?

  5. FLAIMINGFIRE643 says



    Hmmmmm. My Singing Monsters intensifies

  7. ForcerYT says

    Is this out or official yet?

  8. Pattanan Ninja says

    Galaxy pixel be like:

  9. salty blitz says

    When are we getting a Knee Slapper lobby nusic :/
    Cool lobby music doe 👌

  10. Chunkino says

    How do we get this music pack? 🙂


    Use Code – KARS54 🙂

  12. Kit Fisto says

    Kars do you make some of these? Cause if so then that’s amazing

  13. RandomOkman says

    aaaaa yes

  14. sergio vlogs says

    This is the only youtuber i like wachting because you tell new skins i like but i cant get them but your still the best keep up the work kars😉

  15. Guillermo Rendon says

    Your a goat this fire

  16. Cypher Redden Extra says

    Sounds nothing like the emote but still very good XD

  17. TheFoxMaster says

    I am soo buying this when it releases

    It is so good

  18. Oliver Lee says

    pretty rad

  19. Nathan Kellogg says

    Dude is always on that grind to show us stuff early! Keep it up!

  20. Nick Espinoza says

    What the heck that shredding is sick

  21. Lbsquad 123 says

    This guy is the best YouTuber I know

  22. Enio Yzeiri says

    Its lit🔥

  23. Pressure Gam says

    Sounds so good

  24. TGC Ace says

    It’s kind of poopoo

  25. Spooky Gamer says

    Il love you kars

  26. Advaitm Raut says

    Do a face reveal na please

  27. Advaitm Raut says

    Bro , will it be free??

  28. IamWakz says

    First and Second comment

  29. Mr .X says

    Give me a shoutout pls

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