1. Quiche says

    Comment on l'a ? Quelle mission ?

  2. Epic Games says

    You guys think we should add this to our Party Royale soundtrack list at the main stage?

  3. i says

    like someone actully disliked the video

  4. Neon Slice says

    My theme song

  5. Fenn_Sparks says

    Isnt this season 4?

  6. 123lol lel says

    Why does it sound like a Geometry dash level?

  7. Z Blazer says

    I thought this was a Spongebob reference 😭

  8. Thibaud_mrt03 says

    Pleaaaase make a electro shuffle lobby musiiiiic

  9. Astro says

    The winner takes allIt’s the thrill of one more killThe last one to fallWill never sacrifice their willDon’t ever look back on the world closing inBe on the attack with your wings in the windOh, the games will begin And it’s Sweet sweet sweet ….. victory yeah And it’s ours for the takingIt’s ours for the fight

  10. Sergio Arango says

    They should make a take the L lobby music 🤔

  11. Yoshi Gaming says


  12. Pierre Wattouat says

    J'espère que emote ne va pas ressortir car je l'est

  13. Villanito08 says

    Sounds like something made from deadmau5

  14. xBudDrifty says


  15. Octavio Silva says

    i need a lazy shuffle music pack

  16. GALAXY BRUH says

    The Worm next?

  17. Exoti3 3 says

    I don’t like this

  18. CurriMintz says

    They need to make music a permanent feature in the shop. I hate how lobby music comes like once a year

  19. Patrick Raț says

    this shit fucking SLAPS

  20. Gunasamss YT says

    Here Is A Dolby Edition !==YT Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=obLa1eMBh2A

  21. Джинзó Аркайдия says

    This lobby music slaps real good. I wish this came with the Season 4 Battle Pass though, so I don't have to waste 500 V-bucks on it.

  22. Kyle The Noble says

    This is some deadmau5 x Daft Punk vibes fr

  23. Cream Fennec says

    when is it out?

  24. ZapTrap says

    We need a take the L music pack with a dark tone and creepy vibe for the opposite of Sweet Victory

  25. E-Man EJ says


  26. Alejandro Diaz says

    Starting at 0:46 it's 🔥

  27. Zapper says

    So if Freestylin got a lobby, so did savor the W. That means for sure Pop lock is next very soon!! Why? Because Freestylin, Savor The W and Pop Lock were the emotes to get voted to have lobby musics

  28. Hyper Nova says

    I desperately want a Fishin Lobby Music

  29. Sum Guy says

    Sounds like a roblox obby theme

  30. Mohammed Adnan says

    Sounds like a EDM party

  31. Abe Ztalls says

    Im so glad it's getting a pack even though it lost the vote❤ this was the emote I voted for when they made us pick one for a music pack🎶

  32. Nurd says

    now why couldn’t stuff like this be in the bp?

  33. SmashedBurrito ._. says

    Can we get a moment of silence for Frenzy. It’s been a good location while it lasted. Maybe it’ll come back? Who knows… this music pack will definitely remind me of frenzy. Also at 2:34 it’s the best part imo.

  34. Who Are These Youtubers? says

    In memory of Frenzy Farm

  35. jazzbix says

    This song just sounds like the ballerina song

  36. Donte Davis says

    it kinda sucks bc they release a slick music pack the emote is still gone and the switchstep one release but its been 17 days no switchstep same with phone it in they keep releasing the music pack but not the emote

  37. Donte Davis says

    now we need sugar rush very sneaky pick it up jitterbug and where is matt music packs and we need those in the shop again

  38. Frosty3001 says

    BRO bring the emote back too and I'll calm down

  39. HDC Chicken says

    I got tricked, wish this was the sweet victory spongebob song lol

  40. Semih1991c says

    Best epic Remix Soundtrack ever. I listened this Music had a female DJ produced this Music. I don't know if this truth.

  41. gabriel Lima says

    Savor the L LOL

  42. Flamingpaper says

    So where's our Pop Lock remix?

  43. asdf wasd says

    poooooop loooooooock😡😤😤😤😤😤

  44. Devin Frank says

    Where. Is. SMOOTH MOVES?

  45. Benjamin Alegria varela says

    Fun Fact: this music pack was leaked by Fortnite LATAM since the beginning of Season 3. https://www.instagram.com/tv/CB1JPhnjbp-/?igshid=1polfqplw7mj4

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