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  2. Deeksha Singh says


  3. Saad Mor GS says


  4. SniperGang Kodak says


  5. Playboi Carti says

    Free yak

  6. Elijah Moise says

    Sniper gang lifestyle 🎯

  7. Felix Sanchez says

    Did he example that song from cash money song i need a hot girl, and choppa style??!

  8. Bond Anisston says

    It`s better be to replace Kodak`s verse on Kevin Gates!

  9. Helmi says


  10. Playboi Carti says

    stop play with me

  11. Aymane Oujdid says


  12. Roxxx Manee says


  13. Eric Rios says

    This shit go hard

  14. Aicha Anj says


  15. SkyManiac says

    Sooo sick

  16. 432Hz Flute says

    Free Kodak

  17. Buffalo Puppy says

    I think this might be the worst song I’ve ever heard.

  18. Scott Sharp says

    🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 Is this listentnig in march This performance is amazing 0:51 💯💙 👇👇💛

  19. Cutie Patootie says

    How do you fuck up a song with these features?

  20. Phone 334 says

    Best song on the album. Here b4 500k views

  21. Phone 334 says

    1:44 🔥 🔥 gates should have had a verse tho

  22. xxbossice Xx says

    Sniper gang lifestyle ☔

  23. xxbossice Xx says

    Sniper gang lifestyle ☔

  24. S121sw / says

    Someone do something for him and they’re brothers

  25. Balsh Ahkee says

    Came from the bottom like loose change

  26. Balsh Ahkee says

    Gates an Montana perfect vibe

  27. a_serhir23 says


  28. Leon Simmons says

    Sound better without Kodak

  29. MadKrazyNluv says

    I love you Kill Bill Lil Kodak

  30. Love Life says


  31. Salini Dathird says

    Free Kodak… 😰

  32. Twinny Dizzle says

    Damn free Kodak 4real we needs pressure on these streets💯 🇭🇹..where my Zz's at 🔥..

  33. Army Boi says


  34. Legend says

    Is this the original track? It sounds familiar 🤔

  35. Alex Terrieur says

    When Kodak said " a a a a a a that’s illegal " i felt that

  36. Mohammed Zhery says

    Yess man that so hit song 🔥🔥😭

  37. Jonathan Whitaker says

    Holy shit this is so fire 🔥 🤙🤙

  38. Jonathan Whitaker says

    Fire 🔥

  39. Flavio Russo says

    Free Kodak !

  40. Roger Capers says

    Gang gang🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥.

  41. Joffery Robertson says

    Came from the bottom like loose change

  42. Alex Terrieur says

    Kodack murdered the beat and y'all surprised he's in jail

  43. Jmzzz M says

    FREEEE KODAK 1800 nights sniper gang 😤😤😤 Kodak block

  44. Abraham C Jimenez says

    Not watching the movie "Like A Boss" Those are shit actors , what it look like?


    Download song here https://audiomack.com/artist/jai-slowed-down

  46. Rachid El mokadem says

    thiiiiis LIIIIIIT , do a video clip on this one

  47. Goldenstandard says

    Free Yak

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