FRIDAY the 13th Traps FGTEEV! (Mr Bullet & Silly Walks 3 Games Mash Up + Skit)


Skills, Skills, Spills & Silly Pineapples! Thumbs up for Puzzlers and we found out there was a Friday the 13th Killer Puzzle PG version after playing this, wow that would have helped!
Other games play: Mr. Bullet & Silly Walks
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FGTeeV is a Gaming Channel that plays hilariously fun and scary games! Duddz is the main gamer and sometimes he brings his family in for a more dynamic gameplay! His family includes his wife “Moomy”, Chase, Mike, Lex & Shawn! Thanks for checking us out.

  1. shaik jilani says

    very very bad father

  2. Sarah Cimikoski says

    I’m a kid and I play it

  3. Ethan Lee says

    Escape pennywise

  4. Oliva Balboa says


  5. Oliva Balboa says

    How much me a house and play with you scary games

  6. Cheeseburger pizza 101 lol says


  7. Vince M says

    We here you in the camera off tinge

  8. Venomouspanda95 says

    Is Friday the 13 game Shawn played actually scary?

  9. Drita Buzhala says

    Crazy shawn

  10. Deano Beano says

    You not a bad dad

  11. Khyan francer Creo says


  12. Andy Riley says

    NO. !!!!!!!!!!

  13. Andy Riley says

    Hhhhhhhhhaaaaaaahhhhhhbhhhhaaaaaaaaaa. 😀

  14. Thomas Kirby says

    How about I be your son

  15. tynisha taylor says


  16. Debbie Gibson says

    Can you freind me plz

  17. Debbie Gibson says

    Hi fgteev

  18. Debbie Gibson says


  19. Maverick Miralles says

    everything’s editing xd


    You are blasphemy

  21. Ariana Springer says

    Oh andd for no reason my Roblox account is XxItzGacha_midwolfxX

  22. Ariana Springer says

    I can’t wait to see the vids u upload

  23. Maria G Cruz says

    How is your son bether then you in gaming?

  24. star explosion says

    God is not real

  25. Ninja fight Mega says

    Bad bad

  26. Erik Denetchee says


  27. Adriana Orozco says

    I have your game

  28. He Sam says

    In this fist vid duddy toy joson and i luagh

  29. Janet Osei says


  30. d d says

    Give me a shout out I am subscribe to you I am like to you I turn on notifications bale bale

  31. FoldgerPlayz says

    Shawn’s gonna get charged for murder one day

  32. Sandy Arciento says

    Hi i like all your vidio

  33. Amjad iqbal says

    i have that game killer puzzle

  34. Alma Ali says


  35. Tina Marie says


  36. Jennifer Kate says

    Nice Shawn

  37. Mark Singh says

    FGTeev has. Do you make even a TikTok I saw you on tick-tock

  38. Priscilla picon says

    ???? ???????

  39. Priscilla picon says

    Never mind

  40. Priscilla picon says

    Miss me me miss me now you gotta die people in the Jason only wins

  41. Gemma Ramos says

    Is this for 7 year old

  42. Priscilla picon says

    your a bad father

  43. Elias Da Gamer says

    I like the intro

  44. lost angels says


  45. lost angels says


  46. kemisha soulette says


  47. Alexander John Douglas says

    you’re a bad dad

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