1. roblox_bsf4l YT says

    Ok so nobody’s gonna talk about how the dog is an amazing actress

  2. Mya Knowles says

    love this show

  3. Roy Melhado says

    Joey Jessie what are you doing training a dog comet but they come up with a plan on wake up San Francisco with Rebecca Donaldson also know as Becky and Danny Tanner come both of you stop arguing meanwhile DJ got lots of important paperwork my god

  4. ChristiandeYah says

    Lori, when you were innocent, I guess ha

  5. Rez M says

    Love this show tysm for uploading!

  6. Dorcas Sims says

    Why is there only 2 people that commented and7,250 viewers 🤨😄

  7. Leah Volkov says

    I love this show

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