Full MirrorLink Skoda Cars Samsung Android 7


Full MirrorLink for Skoda cars ( Kodiaq, Superb, Octavia, Fabia, Rapid ) with infotaiment Bolero,Amundsen all and older Columbus ( older than 6/2016). It is compatible with Samsung MirrorLink 1.1.2x !!
Do you have your MirrorLink in your car and want to get the most out of it? Download the free full MirrorLink app!

Good day. MirrorLink server on Samsung Android 10 is completely different from all other versions of Android and all other phone manufacturers. A completely new procedure was therefore needed. All information can be found here:
First, download the complete manual in pdf in your language. Read it carefully and then download the installation files as described in the instructions. Other download and installation sequences will result in Full MirrorLink !!
Much patience in re-setting up your phone.

  1. Gerald Brogan says

    Ciao, questo metodo può funzionare con un cellulare Meizu M3 Note e l'autoradio Bolero su Skoda Fabia del 2018?

  2. Juraj Cooper says

    ja mam hondu crv 2015 a mobil a8 2018 a nejde mi tam mirrorlink!mobil vie ze je zapnuty do mir.linku ale auto ho nevie rozpoznat! neviete mi poradit? dakujem.

  3. Jan Kűbl says

    Dobrý den, mohl bych vás poprosit o radu jak udělat zrcadlení telefonu nějak se mi nedaří toto zprovoznit. Mám novou octavii 2018 radio Bolero s mirrorlink. Telefon galaxy s6 – verze mirrorlink 1.1.26. Děkuji za odpověd na jkubl@seznam.cz

  4. Miloš Horák says

    NEW EPOCHA MirrorLink 1.1. Right Starts !!
    Follow the information on this page carefully: https://www.facebook.com/groups/2023881637885003/

  5. Miloš Horák says

    You have shown interest in fully mirroring your phone on the latest Infotaiments, mainly the Bolero and Amundsen series 2017 and 2018.
    To determine if and how mirrors go, I need to know some details of your configuration:
    1. The version of Samsung MirrorLink used on your phone – see the instructions here: https://youtu.be/PhI0bn8kXuQ
    2. Type of car radio and version – ie, if you still have classic "push buttons" for control or just two rotating controllers and for function control the touch buttons on the display of the radio
    3. It is very important that Samsung Car Mode is part of the system ROM of your phone. Whether it's system-based, you'll know whether when running MirrorLink, you'll see the icons of certified apps on the infotainment, or if only the Car Mode icon appears, and after it runs, all certified apps will appear in it.

    If Samsung car mode is the system part of the ROM phone – see the second option of point 3 – it will not be possible to run your full MirrorLink at all!

    If you have an older type of radio – see point 2 with the physical buttons on the sides of the display radia, MirrorLink will go relatively smoothly even while driving. Otherwise, you may have a display stability problem when driving.

    If you have the Samsung MirrorLink version – see point 1 – below 1.1.20 (typically 1.1.08, 1.1.13, 1.1.18), you will be able to run mirroring in a very simple way. But if it's higher than 1.1.20 (typically 1.1.23, 1.1.25, 1.1.26, 1.1.27), it's going to be mirrored but it's a little nervous and a lot of patience.

    You see that there is really a lot of possible combinations, and for each of them a specific procedure is required, so please write to me what combination of points 1 to 3 you have, and we can move on accordingly. Horamil@centrum.cz

  6. Павел Ангелов says

    Am so sorry, maybe you can show what the program you use for connection mirrorlink, because i try apdeit mirrorlink 1.1.26 and try to make connection with lg mirrordrive but it can't connect… ((

  7. Creepy Psycho says

    How ??

  8. Miloš Horák says

    Samsung A3,A5,A7, S3 and all new models S -line, Galaxy Note 3.0 and more. All aplication full mirrorlink without VIM! For all those who do not work LG MirrorDrive and Samsung Car Mode is NOT a system part of ROM! For MirrorLink Samsung version 1.1.23, 1.1.24, 1.1.25, 1.1.26, 1.1.27 ! More information horamil@centrum.cz.

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