Full Test Highlights! | England v Australia – Headingley Test | Third Specsavers Ashes Test 2019


The full test! Follow from Day 1 to Day 4 in one of the most thrilling tests ever.

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  1. Shariq Nadeem says

    Umpire mistake and Australia had to pay, so sad they we're so close.😢

  2. Calamity King says

    Ben Stokes You Beauty.

  3. Uday Sushil says

    Its stokes show

  4. Ashen imeshka says

    Wow Ben Stocks 💖

  5. Rugved Sarjoshi says

    With batting , Stokes also had a good spell

  6. Anupoma Das says

    Very good England

  7. 050 Devesh Singh says

    Gonna tell my kids steve and marnus were twins

  8. ADD M ABBY says



  9. Jatt Buttar says

    Bairstow's Shots are World Class

  10. Sky Gaming says

    19:44 one off the greatest cheating in cricket

  11. SANCHIT says

    10:03 pause and look 👀

  12. The Alfa Bull says

    This is luck🌸 and luck favour the brave❤️

  13. MACS officialGaming says

    THE GREATEST 1 RUN IN TEST CRICKET :)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. Keerath Johal says

    15:00 Australia lead by 283 runs ?? It should’ve been : England need 203 runs to win. Either it is misprinting or editing mistake.

  15. fitness fever says

    Australia to other teams:I am the king
    Australia to Indian team : My lord

  16. Shemoi St. Valentine says

    Lets not forget the partnership between the Joes

  17. Bijay Hanse says

    World no 1 all rounder

  18. Dopple Dimes says

    Both the teams failed to make it to the WTC final as Australia managed just 69.2% PCT winning only 8 , losing 4 and 2 draws out of 4 series it played while England managed a much lower PCT of just 61.4% winning just 11, losing 7 and 3 draws out of the 6 series it played..
    Still many buffoons down below with their limited knowledge of cricket believe that Australia vs England test is the greatest test..Gone are those days when Ashes used to be hailed as the greatest of test cricket as today there is neither the quality nor excitement in ashes as many other teams have surpassed these two in test cricket in terms of quality with Australian cricket declining with shortage of good quality batsmen while England has put the axe on its own foot by succumbing to the side effects of its rotation policy..

  19. Mehedi hassan says

    It’s true 90% comment in India 🤪🤪🤪

  20. Half Blooded says

    Look at hazlewood how he bossed the both set players root and denly

  21. Sejal Wadaskar says

    The best test match ever

  22. Peter Flynn says

    I was there on the Saturday bastard

  23. GAMING MUNDA says

    14:25 josh tried to sledge Joe but he had a great reaction

  24. Rohit Agrawal says

    Gabba Rishabh pant champion

  25. louis tucker says

    That 1 run made jack leach one of my favourite cricketers

  26. Mark Jones says

    The Ashes is a poisonous of chalice where cricket is concerned while it kept the competitive fire burning between these two countries.England and Australia whom had a monopoly on the game zeroed on this series too much and forget about the future of the game outside the test playing countries.Thank heaven England was able to monopolise Soccer like they did to cricket.

  27. Pranav Kamthe says

    This was legendary inning… Awesome

  28. Im Faisal says

    Ashes is better than world cup matches 🔥

  29. Aditya Sahani says

    Wow… Benstoke.. You are great👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

  30. Eshaan Atre says

    Stokeses Ashes is Ashes 2019

  31. Lakhan Verma says

    England win by umpire

  32. Terrance Parsons says

    Love him or hate him that catch by Warner was a worldy

  33. Terrance Parsons says

    Stokes of the Rovers

  34. Terrance Parsons says

    At one point both teams conspired to lose 18 wickets for 124 in their first innings. 11 less than stokes got on his own. Madness.


    Umpire clearly favour England ..Ben stoke was clearly out but not given….it's totally unfair done to Aussies..

  36. b k says

    One handidly wins the team

  37. faisal gujjar says

    Labyaik yarsoll Allah

  38. faisal gujjar says

    Labyaik yarsoll Allah

  39. Murugavell S says

    He played at 7 8k

  40. Murugavell S says

    2:42 did I just saw joe root

  41. naomi scott says

    gives goosebumps every time i watch it!!

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