Game Theory: FNAF, The Secret Crimes of 1985


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With the release of the new Five Nights At Freddy’s book series Fazbear Frights, the first 3 stories of which have been released, we have been introduced a monumental piece of information. The first pizzeria and, with it, the first round of doomed kids – the attack BEFORE the bite of 1987. What does this mean for the timeline and lore? Watch and find out!

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Writers: Matthew Patrick
Editors: Tyler Mascola, Danial “BanditRants” Keristoufi, Alex “Sedge” Sedgwick, and Dan “Cybert” Seibert
Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
Sound Editor: Yosi Berman


  1. My Singing Muffen says

    Nobody:Litteraly No one:Not a single soul:Game theory: hOlY mOtHeR oF eNnArD!

  2. Lauren Seddon says


  3. Willow Draws says

    Wasn't there a book containing the story about someone being scooped into fun time freddo? That person is probably the person in fun time freddo

  4. Elizabeth Wilcox says

    I want horsie the dead horse anamatronic back, this meny people agree⬇⬇⬇

  5. Collin Lewis says

    Time to go read fetch in one sitting like i did witu into the pit

  6. Collin Lewis says

    Im very certain that the first book takes place the same town. Each little story both has locations that are mentionednmore than once and i dont think thats a coincidence

  7. Collin Lewis says

    I really think that to be beautiful is connected to the fourth closet. Especially elizabeth. Elizabeth and eleanor are both very similar characters, and both have the technology to change their appearance using sound disks which alter peoples perceptions. If i remembered how it ended for elizabeth in the fourth closet, could elanor and elizabeth actually be the same entity? Maybe to be beautiful happened before fourth closet and that was one of the steps taken to allow elizabeth to help her aid williams experiments

  8. Collin Lewis says

    I immediately got goosebumps vibes when reading the first book

  9. Cold Ice says

    …. . -.– / — .- – .–. .- – .-.-.- / – …. .. … / .. … / — — .-. … . / -.-. — -.. . .-.-.- / .— ..- … – / .– .- -. -. .- / … .- -.– –..– / – …. .- – / .. / .-.. — …- . / -.– — ..- .-. / …- .. -.. . — … .-.-.- / —… -..

  10. Despacitospider says

    1:12 me when I'm having a suger rush

  11. FRZ T-MASTER27 says

    Suprised he doesnt have a book theory yet

  12. DoggoGamer98 says

    2016: purple guy is phone guy2020: so there’s this time travel ball pit

  13. Wounded Eagle says

    I think Scott probably watches these like "You couldn't be further from the truth lololol"

  14. L says

    I’m hoping the glamrock animatronics have a similar vibe to the neon animatronics from help wanted. It just kind of feels right.

  15. Matt D says

    You can't tell me that the haunted mask goosebumps wasn't nightmare fuel

  16. Manly Shute IV says

    I was just thinking .When Ennard entered Eggs body when they got outside couldn't Ennard sell the organs?

    Also they could hire hit men to get more bodies to live in.

    (I don't know much about fnaf so this is just a random thing I was thinking about.)
    And I may or may not post this everywhere to get someone's opinion.

  17. some random guy says

    Matpat before: Yeah you're the purple guyMatpat now: so yeah, there is a time traveling ball pit… help

  18. Emma Reid says

    My getting one of the books

  19. EvilGodAsura says

    To be clear all Scott has said is that parts of the books might use things that are canon in the games. For example Freddy and all the gang would also count as canon material. Or using the sister location machines would also be using canon material. Using these canon things however Does not make what he uses them for in this alternate universe canon in anyway whatsoever to the game lore. It is just as if not more likely that the books are an alternate timeline completely unrelated to the games and that the machines and future tech and remnant is completely separate from what is actually happening in the games.

  20. #Elena_lske says

    I just found out that into the pit wasn't the first time we hear about 1985, because at the beginning of the silver eyes in chapter one 1985 was mentioned as the year when "it" happened

  21. Sara Francour says

    Chica is now a chicken and a fox at the same time 14:35

  22. Ali El Sharkawi says

    "Holy mother of Ennard" I can't stop laughing ?

  23. ImChaotic says

    Everyone: being serious and trying to figure out the loreScott: time travelling ballpit

  24. Kristofer Hanson says

    Matpat: FIVE??Me: cackles in 7 books

  25. The Sezenians says

    So the story of Time Traveling Ballpit is the story of Vanny?It adds up pretty good- The corpses being displayed- A bunny- 1985

  26. Midnight _the_cat says

    00:05 why are you taking milk to a ballpit? Lol

  27. Nova Glacrr says

    Oswald? Like OSWALD the RABBIT? No? Weird. Strange name, strange coincidence…Though why Oswald?

  28. Frick chicken says

    Are we gonna ignore the fact he called chris micheal

  29. Ozzy Hankins says

    i live in this video but im apart of the series as well and so it shall be untill it all end

  30. Rocco Fun Guy says

    Wait chomp of 83, party of 85, and the bite of 87, notice how it they all take 2years apart from the last. So If anything there was probably an event in 81 and most likely in 89, the new game that's coming out is set in the 80's, with redisigns of the original gang as rock stars, so it probably takes place in 1989, 1981 would be to early, that leads me to a conclusion that in the new game that there might be another event and if we follow the pattern of events that have happened 1983 death, 1985 group of people killed, 1987, fatal Injury. 1989 would most likely be an event in the series that involves some one dieing, specifically a kid, which leads me to the conclusion that there will be an event involving death, here's what it would probably be: the snap of '89, one of the animatronics malfunction and snap a kids neck

  31. Springtrap Cats says

    nice video i agree w the lore and theories

  32. Queen Bowser Koopa says

    Hey Matpat. Do you think the locket in the first story might have been one of the 'illusion hypnosis' devices from the main series?

  33. Karma - says

    Hay MatPat Do a Theory on Cinema sins that will be funnyhold on when the FNAF Movie is going to be on GAME THEORY?!?!?!?WHAT HAPPEND TO FILM THEORY YUP THOW THAT DOWN THE DRAINalso have you been hired by the FNAF universe police because really where are the police in this universelike really this would be in the news people would have seen these robots killing would be a field day for the press

  34. Animator Alien says

    I watched this then brought the book then read the book

  35. White Lasagnia says

    Also dont forget that in silver eyes MCI takes place in 1985 , its canon but in an alternate timeline and why would Scott use the same date twice ?

  36. ennard 252x says


  37. Name Name says


  38. Mangle the animatronic fox says

    Why the ball pit look like nerds-

  39. MINING AWAY says

    Ozzy Is The Name Of My Dog

  40. Shelby Heinrichs says

    Theory: William Afton is the founder of Fallout's Institute.

  41. Blxssoms says

    I used to think that rabbit was Glitchtrap and I feel really really stupid

  42. Assa Darlingtoni says

    It's so disturbing to imagine Afton in his springbonnie suit standing at the center of the room with all the dead children lined up in front of him and people running away in fear.

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