1. Got Lost says

    Aqua getting his whole order correct the first try and getting an ad looka like bic mac. I gotta feeling he's sponsored.

  2. Jimmeytheslime says

    omg the dog should not be up on the table (facepalm)

  3. Don Ochetti says

    What have we made him do!? I'm worried about his sanity..

  4. no one ever says

    Sam is more attractive than you now

  5. qugan says

    Show more dog

  6. Jake chen says

    Hey guys! Just wanna let everyone know if you ever get the chance to come Singapore 🇸🇬
    Try the McDonald’s with our curry sauce! It taste better than it sounds! We Singaporeans loves it.
    Ok back to Aqua

  7. Brian Sanchez says

    2:03 Columbus on some freaky s@#$

  8. varnissh says

    spits at homeless people ✅ neglects dog ✅ believes he has a girlfriend ✅ coughs in peoples faces to continue spread of covid ✅

  9. BlackCloud NoYx says

    Lets all be happy boys now.

  10. Max x says

    I'm reporting you to PETA for liking McDonald's spicy nuggets

  11. Tima Litvinov says

    As a man without McDonald's i feel Aqua as you can eat some fast food only once in a while so to enjoy the exclusive taste of fast food.

  12. Brett Smitsdorff says

    Aqua and his dog reminds me of the relationship Garfield and John have when John's eating

  13. immortal gamming says

    Dam he look like that gay how focused to eat shot every days

  14. scav nugget says

    Why am i watching this at 5am on no sleep

  15. Philipp _SS1 says

    aqua mukbang please

  16. dylan neff says

    Look aqua, here in Arkansas, McDonald’s has the best come around. Just saying, I think it’s YOUR McDonald’s that doesn’t mix it well.

  17. Mr Sainz X says

    7:18 am and me craving McDonald's junk food what has happed to America of the free. Viva La Revolucion!

  18. NotaBear says

    with the amount you gab at the beginning I know that shits ice cold by the time you taste it.

  19. donot touch says

    Is that the aqua burger comes with spicy nuggets big mac fries an assortment of dips and a watered down soda

  20. nobbynub says

    Sweet and Sour and Honey Mustard. A true man of culture.

  21. Lord Chunk says

    …5 years later : here we have a rare hard to find second video of aquaFPS blossoming into now world famous Mukbang youtube star. 200lbs later his life spirals out of control….he loses control and loses everything, disowned by family and friends but yet he pushes on. now only known for making cringy massacres of fast food and lobsters he struggles to fill the void in his heart and pay rent by digging through trash cans and dumpsters to find empty cans to recycle to acquire money for his addiction.

  22. Bubbanator says

    GENERAL SAM: How I became fat again
    AQUAFPS: Gamer eats alot of fast food
    Hmmmm, so the rats and Chads arnt so different after all.

  23. Rusty says

    Cooking Show Aqua…. ffs … plz

  24. Khenghaw Leekhwang Kang says


  25. DOM says

    its 4 in the morning and now im starving

  26. TheGooseinator says

    Do it again

  27. Logan Graves says

    As someone who does not eat fast food often, surely you have something more exciting to review! McDonalds is only level 1. Time to level up bro.

  28. GrenadeTurkey .Films says

    Why is this the first time I’m hearing aqua has a girlfriend

  29. Calen Hoover says

    Pro Tip: Always order Mcdonalds soda with no ice and put your own ice in when you get home.

  30. Emanuel says

    "I got a coke but im saving it for later", why did he laugh so much at that? thats not a joke, whats wrong with him?

  31. TannyTella says

    Shoulda got the sprite homie

  32. Just A Slave With Internet Access says

    First fry let's go. LibErtY mUtuaL

  33. Jibb says

    Okay cool but when is the next food review?

  34. Just A Slave With Internet Access says


  35. Aaron says

    When are we getting the next one?

  36. Kobo Raughton says

    You should do Krystal's next!

  37. Ranger says


  38. TvojaPraváUhorka says

    where is another gaming vid ? .-.

  39. tfw yukari says

    The Fable 2 soundtrack really tied this video together, great stuff Aqua.

  40. Aidan Low says

    God damn aqua enjoy your food so u can better taste it slow down I wouldn’t want yah to choke

  41. Pascal unwichtig says

    Dear aqua. Your videos really are something else. You always make me happy with your quirky personality and the way you cut your videos. So thank you for sharing that. Btw. I think you could do cooking videos from time to time. Just some simple DiY cooking of something you really like. Not professional nor perfectly executed. Just plain and basic trial and error with a testing in the end. Looking forward to your next video.

  42. UnadvertisedGaming says

    Tell me why I enjoy these

  43. Crashtest Gamer says

    When's the next food reveiw

  44. Dark Stranger says

    Mmm yes glass of tap water

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