Geometric Shape Food Challenge


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Angel vs Demon / Good and Evil Waiter
Today we’ve prepared something interesting and really unexpected for you! It’s a new geometry challenge! You’ve never done anything like this before!

• M & M’s
• Glaze
• Chocolate ganache
• Peanut
• Caramel
• Yeast dough
• Oil
• Rice
• Nori
• Caviar
• Cream cheese
• Salmon
• Cucumber
• Bun
• Sauce
• Arugula
• Onion
• Cutlet
• Tomato
• Watermelon
• Egg
• Bacon
• Toast
• Wasabi
• Ginger
• Pizza
• Fanta
• Grapes

United We Groove by Audionautix is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (

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  3. Saneera Mulanchippulan says

    8:59that"s so good idea💪!

  4. Mongo Mouth says

    Hey the last caveman does challenges related kinda like this, he doesnt dissapoint

  5. M Maha Dhyuthi says

    when they said put some lettuce at 3:06 they put rockets instead

  6. Sam Cm says


  7. M R says

    You copied troom troom bruh-

  8. Kathleen K says

    Yes hi troom Woolf food 🥘

  9. AlfalfaLittleRascalFan says

    Can you make some Barney food? 😋

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  12. Madeleine Ganem says

    Want to square guy To

  13. lin hu says


  14. Nithishaa 11 says

    First comment

  15. Samantha Privatera says

    I literally thought it said: “killing your friends is so nice” at the beginning…Something is very wrong with me

  16. Sumonjit Das says


  17. Sumonjit Das says

    Plz guys ur day will go great subscribe to this link who r from India🇮🇳🇮🇳

  18. Tamian Taylor says

    I am fourth

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    Forth I'm early

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  21. medha vineeth pink says

    Love you troom troom food pls I want a like from you if u can pls reply too love you and I am happy too be the first one seeing this and commenting and likeing love you

  22. Tamian Taylor says

    I would pick a circle

  23. Lydia Thangkhiew says

    Pin if YOU love ur supporters 💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕

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  25. medha vineeth pink says

    Yea I am first

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