1. World Fashion Channel says


  2. Lina Bhanja says

    Wao this is amazing….🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰 I'm really surprised,❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  3. Mr SAM says

    Why all these models always have robotic faces ? Why can't they just smile like a normal person enjoying wearing these beautiful dresses ?

  4. Ric Owens says

    Some of it is bordering on bad taste and the runway eye makeup is HORRIFIC! 👀🤔

  5. Dalia Gonzalez says

    Esta hermosa la falda plateada con la blusa plateada piropo

  6. Дилдора Алиева says

    Miyangimi bula maydakashla. Essiz shuncha vaqt

  7. Erode Ponnu Aarthi says

    You folks are truly from the globe. OMG… No words…..Tons of love & gratitude….. ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  8. peta williams says


  9. pikahuna satoshi says

    By far the most stunning dresses ever (from sketch to transforming it real life)

  10. imelda acosta says

    OMG amazing 👌

  11. Ardrs Just a human being says

    Hi am a second year fashion designing student. I want to know what kind of needle is that use for embroidery. We use simple needle

  12. Soban Khan Jadoon says


  13. Fairy Tale says


  14. Abdul Kavi says

    How to buy this dress please give your number

  15. María Concepción Luna Rivera says

    Ésto es arte…. está hermoso

  16. Ggg hgy says

    جميل جدا

  17. Bhanumati Parmar says

    Wht do we call tht skin fabric????

  18. Brillianta jones soleil says

    I can't stop thinking about how these dresses are washed…

  19. Ирода Мухамеджанова says


  20. rizwana khatoon says

    how soneone can be that talented.

  21. Kumaraswy kande says

    Making is amazing😱😱😳😳😳

  22. Sangeeta Saini says

    Is liye ye dress👗 itni mhnge hote h

  23. HARSHA A says


  24. Yasmin Khan says

    Just wow

  25. Zainab Digital School of Art says

    Amazing video👍🏻


    This is the creativity

  27. Anna Pistis says

    Opere d'Arte😍

  28. Danulduzum Husen says

    Çok çok çok güzel ustalık harıka😍🤩🥰👍👏👏👏👏👏👏🤲

  29. Shameem Khushboo The designer says

    Wow super

  30. tailor sembrono says

    jiwaku meronta melihat ini………gokil banget

  31. Patricia Mak says

    😍😍😍Wow these designs are absolutely gorgeous!!!😍😗 I can see it's not easy making these outfits.

  32. Umi Salma Basha says

    Wow superb designs

  33. gustavo montero says

    Fabuloso!!! Obras de Arte!!!!!!

  34. Santhosh kumar N says

    Suits for Indian models, I don't see the grace of the dress after worn.

  35. GangaAni s says

    wow beautiful 😍😍❣️

  36. Johnny Bravo says

    Wow this is so amazing

  37. F. D. says

    The designs are wonderful but I don't understand why they use these cheap plastik pearls and no real feathers. Takes a lot from the look…

  38. Prisha Joy says

    @World fashion channel, what will happen to thoses awesome dresses after the show?

  39. Faaith Nisha says

    Hard work🙄

  40. Sabah Husain says

    Miranda Priestly: Florals? for spring?..groundbreaking

  41. bikhna b says

    The feather type dress and the swan one WAS LITTERALY AWESOMEEEE

  42. Rachel Ceballos says

    Who made the clothes

  43. Ayesha Parveen says

    They have a more of a Sub continent feel to them .. We have too much of embelished dresses as a part of our culture..

  44. TAAMIR TV Official says

    Wouww Amazing, great video

  45. Tanya Thamel says

    Cannot leave this by only watching thats why im commenting.Magnificent 💯❤️

  46. Mahnoor Khalid says

    Who else wishes to have one??

  47. will RMZ says

    Siempre me gustó este tema… lastima no lo pude estudiar…y .es costosa está carrera…y no tuve dinero ni el estudio requerido….😭😭

  48. browneet caramell says

    Aren't they're all gorgeous fashion

  49. Mariala says

    Stunning 🤩 Love the design 😊

  50. ADDPR Vlog says

    Beautiful work

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