1. GHOST X VORTEX says

    Like if your in school:)

  2. Braylen Sikes says


  3. Fbu Gamer says

    What is this song I gotta know

  4. DrippnDome says

    Ghost and iDomeForFun duo montage ????

  5. Kt Roblox says

    The beat syncs are goated

  6. Mardarius Gaming says

    School boring

  7. Cam2Fly says

    What grade yall in let me no

  8. FontComposerIX says

    Godly mags btw 🙁

  9. DθM3R Statμs says

    Gs bois

  10. IwLuffy says

    Bro Vortex, talk to your brother man. He actin' strange, he gotten toxic. What happened?

  11. Jacqueline Lebaivalu says

    vortex i like 1 v 1 you anytime soon if can, ( choo808 ) my gamertag i play mobile as well so i think itll be fair

  12. DeadlyDomer says

    dw ur finna hit soon

  13. rehales says

    but gs 🔥

  14. jonathan krogstad says

    When u hit 1k do face reveal

  15. Mardarius Gaming says

    I’m not in class I’m on fall break

  16. Mardarius Gaming says

    Vortex you need to 1v1 now but I know I’m go lose

  17. Raheem Israel says

    Ok ghost

  18. ThomyA1 says


  19. ThomyA1 says

    use obs to record

  20. SUBTO_TJYT says

    Yo nice vid keep ye head up bro much love 😎❤️ never give up ✊

  21. Sabrina Williams says

    didnt the account "XXXGHOSTFACE97" get BANNED FOREVER on tuesday

  22. Charlotte_Simonee3 says

    Old osetras throw back

  23. Charlotte_Simonee3 says

    Bruh trash…

  24. Trei_sells says

    Bro didn’t I just dime u vortex? Ik a league game but now I’m on y’all team

  25. Danger Da Goat says

    im in class to

  26. Vilinda Veronica says

    Leave a like if osetras are trash now -from Beastuid

  27. Jahmari Theslayerrr says

    I’m in math class lol broo I am in trouble

  28. Chris Sanchez says

    Ima just be vibing here till u hit a mill 😛

  29. Mobile Pro says


  30. Jayden Harrison says

    same i am in class idk y

  31. Shisui Uchiha says

    im in class too

  32. Master_ov1235 says


  33. GHOST X VORTEX says

    same bud

  34. Ryan Michel says

    I’m in class 😂😂😂

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