Gynecologist Reacts: Cringe Health TikTok


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Board Certified ObGyn Dr. Danielle Jones corrects cringe health information on TikTok. There’s no reason to put garlic cloves in your vagina or make fun of patients on the internet. Let’s all learn together! TikTok is fun platform, but that doesn’t mean the information presented there is always accurate. We go through and correct misguided and/or questionably presented information. Follow me on TikTok:

Amanda Howell, MPH:




** The information in this video is intended to serve as educational information and is not intended or implied to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. All content, including text, graphics, images, and information, contained in this video is for general information purposes only and does not replace a consultation with your own doctor/advanced practice provider. **

  1. Mama Doctor Jones says

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  2. Amanda Detwiler says

    Agreed, MDJ! We pledge to do no harm.

  3. rsterbin says

    I've always wondered what you'd think of the Crazy Ex Girlfriend song "The Miracle of Birth" —

  4. Dawn Gooden says

    FML i wish I had you as my Dr…

  5. Meagan May says

    I wonder if any of the "uncomfortable gut" symptoms are because of the lactose in the pills?

  6. Golden Hyung says

    In my country after some polemic involving false doctors on tv or actors playing doctors to recommend stuff on tv ads the government demanded that every time a professional appears on tv or ads, the full name and registration number must be provided in a screen corner.
    Not sure if this has reached tiktok yet.

  7. akatsukichik112 says

    In the spirit of Halloween, I would like to advocate for the benefits of vagina garlic, it keeps those vampires away 🦇😈

  8. AnimeWolf56 says

    so I actually got put on birth control pills to counteract the side affects of another medication, and the amount of times I have to explain to a new GP that ,yes I am on birth control but I am not sexually active really drives me nuts sometimes cos they never believe me at first (I have even had to change GPs because of it)

  9. Melissa Bucholz says

    The thumbnail reminded me of when we had a patient come into our UC with a entire glove of garlic stuck thanks to a video that told her that would help her with a yeast infection. Kinda scary how some of these videos random people put out can wind up getting so many folks in a bad situation because they are scared to or can't afford to go to a doctor. Or whatever other reason some may have

  10. Megan Garton says

    Hey Mama Dr Jones, as an Ob/Gyn how do you feel about HypnoBirthing?

  11. A F says

    Hope you’re feeling better after your shitty meltdown prior to filming

  12. Thalassa C says

    I started bc pills and I started having a CRAZY increase in migraines. To the point where I have an appt on Monday to discuss alternate migraine treatment options bc it’s more than half the week… so so painful. Debilitating & I vomit over and over- it’s like the worst hangover EVER.

    Anyone else had this?

  13. Cepa Intialendur says

    It was a big mistake to watch this video right after watching an episode of the handmaid's tale… What is wrong with people? Let women control their own bodies!

  14. Tanza Nite says

    The redhead calling the vag a pussy is a vet tech I think. Can’t think of why any other med pro would call a vag a pussy.

  15. HalloMoose says

    “Save the garlic for your Italian dish.” —This literally cracked me up! Hahahahah

  16. Kael Zant says

    I mean… I have a hormonal imbalance and I'm a dude what a dumb statement

  17. Sarah Fisher says

    Could you imagine being that doctor patient and seeing this tic tok! The broken of trust the humiliation at the age of 16 the long term health implications for her, as she won’t trust any doctor. Because at her most vulnerable her doctor made a tic tok seen by the whole world. Yer she didn’t say the name, but she broke confidentiality and disrespected all of her patient not just the 16 year old girl. Because if she can do this to 1 she can do to all

  18. Ashley Bellerose says

    I agree with mama dr Jones about making fun of patients. ♡

  19. lyla mae says

    Ok please please tell me who made that last tik tok

  20. Zoe Sanderson says

    Please do a video on endometriosis and adenomyosis !!!!

  21. ShadowWolf1006 says

    Dr. Jones: "Your hormone levels . . . aren't even the same right now as they will be in the middle of the night."
    Me, watching at 4:30 in the morning: sweats

  22. xVacunaVenomx says

    Thank you so much for talking about people being afraid to seek care over things.

  23. Kim RAT says

    The opening 💀🤚

  24. abigail lee says

    hi sorry quick question is vagisil okay? I've been using it for about a year but I just want to make sure, thank you!

  25. gabriel angel says

    a lot of misinformation on birth control seems to go back to the catholic church. I married a catholic woman, and in order to get married in the main "church" part, I had to take a "pre marital class" in it, they told us that the only safe birth control is the "naturel family planning" method, with the mucus and the temperature monitoring. and besides being a "sin" all other forms had horrible side effects. and they listed all of those you saw, and more. this part of the course was taught by a "MD". and we had to purchase the book and tools for this, at about $350,(back in 2001) if we wanted to have sex without having kids. I'm guessing much of this misinformation is echoes taught from mother to daughter, or friends, that kind of thing.

  26. Yvanz Dy says

    Good morning Dr. Jones … Please have a say or review on the issue of Dr. Adam(an Australian doctor version of you and teaches proper health education and calls out products or people giving false ones) and Dr Farrah Bunch(who is accused of giving false information, especially medical information that is somehow borderline life threatening) … We doctors here who are encouraging media doctors like you , who speaks out the true reality of our work and true medical information to people, can maybe encourage doctor Adam on this… Please look up the issue… I know that i may act bias here, but there are clinical basis for the prior doctor's argument versus the latter…

  27. Julie Rose says

    I’m loving seeing all these healthcare YouTubers calling out the inappropriate ones. The nurse who did my covid test remembers me because when I got my flu jab in April/May, I walked in and said “I’m going to need a few minutes extra to deal with my needle phobia this time because this IDIOT on the internet was being a jerk about needle phobic patients last night.” And that was based on me having a lot of pre-existing trust in our medical professionals. If I was 16, it could be a very different story.

  28. Hairface 03 says

    I had migraines daily and sought help from my doctor who after many months and a couple prescription pain medications, sent me to a neurologist. I was then prescribed amitryptaline for YEARS. I had to go off of that medication to get pregnant and I was terrified about it, I didn't want to return to my previous migraine everyday life, but it was worth it for a baby. Stopped my medication at the same time as my birth control, and never got a headache! Turns out the birth control was causing my migraines! I wish that my doctor and the neurologist, had been more aware of this side effect and saved me years of pain and job insecurity.

  29. Demetri Corcovelos says

    See I knew it my sister started using birth control again & now we only have sex at most every 2 or 3 months instead of every few days

    We started fooling around at 13 14 & now in our 40s soon to enter 50s her sex drive is less than zero.

    So unfair

  30. Ashley May says

    Thank you for your videos, I have learned a lot from your videos. Thank you for your perseverance.

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